“For twenty years we must stop this brain from functioning”

Azmi Bishara’s Nakba Day essay:

The job of political leaders is to help people answer such questions as “How can we live?” “How should we live?” “Will the occupation power let us live once we lay down our arms?” “Who will fund all these economic institutions after the donor countries lose interest in them?”
 “Who will finance 200,000 jobs that support more than a million people who are living on the hope that the so-called international community will support an unjust settlement?” “What will become of us without the rest of our people?” “What about our obligations towards the refugees and Jerusalem?”
“What kind of life is left for a people that gives up their sovereignty for crumbs?” Their job is not to sell apathy packaged as “We want to live”. It is a cheap product anyway and like all cheap products it has a short lifespan.

There is a reason this man is in exile. It is too dangerous to allow him to remain at-large amidst the Palestinian resistance. Read the whole thing. He thinks Fayyad is a clown and explains why this is the case at great and fascinating length.
I agree: Fayyad is a clown, or a dog dressed up in a clown suit. I’m sure they love him as they love every collaborator who agrees to stifle non-violent resistance or channel it into approved canals, who jails resisters, who is willing to administer the penitentiary instead of shatter its walls. Fayyad: 
“The chief dispute in the region is not between us, but between moderates and extremists…We are building to receive the refugees in the Palestinian state.” Bishara: “This is the language of the Israelis.”
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