America and Britain Provide the Fuel that Keeps the Engine of the Nazi Occupation Running


America and Britain Provide the Fuel that Keeps the Engine of the Israeli Occupation Running

The extremist government of Binyamin Netanyahu, (a politician under investigation for fraud and corruption), receives arms and money which total billions of dollars annually from the US, together with millions of pounds from the UK, which is the fuel that keeps the engine of the occupation running: the continuance of the blockade and the persecution of five million indigenous Arabs – both Muslim and Christian – who have been the majority people of the region continuously for over a thousand years.
Such support for the non-NATO, undeclared nuclear state of Israel directly violates UN Resolution 2334 that was passed without dissent by the Security Council on 23 December 2016.
That resolution states that Israel’s settlement activity constitutes a ‘flagrant violation’ of international law and has ‘no legal validity’. It demands that Israel stop such activity and fulfill its obligations as an occupying power under the Fourth Geneva Convention.
To date, the demands of the UN Security Council backed by over 190 UN Member States have been ignored and treated with contempt by the government of Israel in the knowledge that Trump and May will continue arms supplies. It is an international disgrace that tragically devalues the authority of the United Nations to the detriment of the international community and the global movement for peace.

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