Alex Christoforou on Ukraine’s 8 year war on the Donbass & Russia’s military operation in Ukraine

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On March 19, I spoke with Alex Christoforou, co-founder of The Duran, an independent media site providing geopolitical analysis on a range of issues.

As Alex and co-host Alexander Mercouris have been providing regular updates and analysis on the Russian military operation in Ukraine, I thought viewers and listeners could benefit hugely from recording a conversation with Alex.

He discusses the origins of the current military operation in Ukraine, developments on the ground, the complete whitewashing of the last eight years of Ukraine’s bloody war on the people of the Donbass, and parallels in reporting on Syria and Ukraine, Western propaganda on both, and military strategies around liberating both of al-Qaeda and other terrorists (Syria) and Nazis and allied extremists (Ukraine).

These are perspectives you won’t hear in Western corporate media, or even from many professed anti-Imperialist commentators.

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