Yesterday, I watched the interview with Hasan Nasrallah on Al-Manar TV. The host, `Amru Nasif, is not an effective interviewer. He does not challenge his guests, and I know that because I was a guest of his show (before Al-Manar was categorized as a terrorist organization in the US). But Nasrallah was effective: he is more effective when he does interviews as opposed to rallys and public events. But then again, the mass supporters of the party probably like the fiery speeches at public events. He spoke a lot about the Hariri tribunal: and I am so bored with that topic. I wish the tribunal is closed down and people are sent home. I mean, we know that the man is dead and that someone killed him, what else do we need to know? The Lebanese taxpayers are shelling out some $30 million a year to cover the cost of the tribunal. But what bothered me about Al-Manar TV is the frequency of a “public service” ad put out by the Arab League’s Minister of Interiors (i.e. Prince Nayif) warning Arabs against the “dangers” of the internet, chatroom, and facebook. It was so disturbing. I mean, I dont like preachments about virtue from anyone, but they are more offensive at the hands of religious movements because you know they can use virtue to oppress and repress (as Hizbullah did in the 1980s and early 1990s in the South and southern suburbs of Beirut).

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