Didi Remez

Hot on the heels of We Con the World, Caroline Glick’s US-funded operation has released another video, this time an anti-Tirkish screed. MJ Rosenberg points out that it has been endorsed by AIPAC and calls it “right out of 1930’s Central Europe.” Andrew Sullivan posts the full text of the AIPAC e-mail.
Josh Block, AIPAC’s flack, must have a really bad case of Hasbara Derangement Syndrome if he thinks that he is helping Israel’s cause by endorsing an outfit that recently produced a racist segment on POTUS. In this video the Barack Obama character sings of his hatred for “dirty Jews” and his hope that the Koran will rule the world and the Jews will drown in the sea, and then calls for Iran to strike Israel with a hydrogen bomb.

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