After more than eight years, it’s time to end the war in Afghanistan.

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Today, the Afghanistan War became the longest in U.S. history.1
After more than $1 trillion spent; more than 1,000 American soldiers killed; and countless Afghan people killed, injured or displaced by the fighting, it’s past time to ask2 — When will this war end?
Congress has the power to answer that question. They can demand a timeline to end the war, and they can cut off the funding to ensure that all our troops come home.
But they won’t do it unless we tell them to.
The Vietnam War ended when regular people protested and called and cried-out so loud that Congress was forced to listen and demand an exit strategy. And Congress is voting THIS WEEK on the future and funding for the war.3 We’ve got a chance to send them a message, but we need your help.
We’ve teamed up with friends at Brave New Films to make this ad.
If we can raise $10,000 right away, we’ll run it in the D.C. edition of “Politico” — a leading Washington newspaper that all the members of Congress and their staff read. Click here to donate $10 right now toward this ad.
At 104 months — more than eight years — the Afghan war has lasted longer than World War II and Vietnam. It’s outlasted George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.
And what’s worse — there’s STILL no plan for when it will end. President Obama has committed more troops to the ground since taking office. And while he’s winding down the war in Iraq, there’s no timetable for the war in Afghanistan to end — YET.4
Congress is voting this week on legislation that funds the war. And thousands of TrueMajority members have already asked for a vote to be attached to that spending that sets a timetable to wind down the war and bring home all our troops.
This is the BEST chance we’ve got to send a message and start ending the war. But we need to raise the profile and get legislators’ attention or we’ll never succeed.
Click here to pitch in and help run the ad, get the exposure we need and begin to end the longest war in our history.

– Drew
Drew Hudson
TrueMajority / USAction

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