Abu Akleh’s family released a statement

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  • The United States government has found that Israeli military forces “likely” killed veteran Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in Jenin on May 11. However, the statement says her killing was an un-intentional “result of tragic circumstances during an IDF-led military operation against factions of Palestinian Islamic Jihad”.

    Abu Akleh’s family released a statement in response, saying:

    “With respect to today’s announcement by the State Department – on July 4, no less – that a test of the spent round that killed Shireen Abu Akleh, an American citizen, was inconclusive as to the origin of the gun that fired it, we are incredulous. There were numerous eyewitnesses to the killing, and we have now had the benefit of reports from multiple local and international media outlets, human rights organizations, and the United Nations that an Israeli soldier fired the fatal shot, as there were no other armed elements in the area of Jenin where Shireen was murdered…

    The truth is that the Israeli military killed Shireen according to policies that view all Palestinians – civilian, press or otherwise – as legitimate targets, and we were expecting that an American investigation would focus on finding the responsible parties and holding them accountable… We were hoping that, for example, the FBI or other relevant authorities would open a murder investigation, much like they do in ordinary cases when American citizens are killed abroad…

    We will continue to advocate for justice for Shireen, and to hold the Israeli military and government accountable, no matter the attempts to obfuscate the reality of what happened on May 11. We continue to call on the American government to conduct an open, transparent, and thorough investigation of all the facts by independent agencies free from any political consideration or influence.”

    * This statement has been shortened due to Instagram’s length restrictions.


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    • parker7661It is hardly surprising coming from a so called superpower that shrinks to a small unethical state always in favor of a barbaric hated and despised rogue entity called Israel2 likesReply
    • annanudniduckI have been “ incredulous” for years over international government’s inaction against Israel and their constant impunity2 likesReply
    • lisaisover50I’m not and that makes me sad. The families of the bombing (in 1967) of the USS Liberty fought for years to get justice for their loved ones who were killed. Despite reams of evidence that it was intentional and for unstated goals the US refuses to categorically state that the attack was deliberate and on a known American target.1 likeReply
    • the.neverending.periSo she was “accidentally” murdered. Oh well, that makes it all better, I’m sure. For her family, her friends, her colleagues and all of her fellow Palestinians. /sReply
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    • sammiebanddoggsThere is no way USA would hold Israel responsible. Look at how much money Israel gets from USA. AIPAC has too tight a hold of american politicians’ cojonas1 likeReply
    • atsindrawdeEdit “result of tragic circumstances during an IDF-led terror war against the native population of Palestine 🇵🇸 “Reply
    • oap.nycMany people behaved naively in this case. They trusted USA. I still can’t understand it. USA is not trustworthy. The main threat to peace and the sovereignty of countries is USA. I hope Palestinians and pro-Palestine supporters in the foreign do not commit this mistake again.Reply
    • abe_melkonianToday American style justice has been served, their polices in this matter advocates that all Americans are NOT equal and racial background does matter. Shame on you, how do you expect the rest of the world to digest this ludicrous coverup.Reply

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