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This a copy of a letter that I have sent to the Heathan magazine with a view to see it published in the “Letters to the Editor” section. The same letter I have reproduced the letter on this website as I anticipate that the Heathan Editorial board will be biased to the Balsall Heath Forum. A significant portion of the Heathan is contributed to by the Balsall Heath Forum as well the majority of the Heathans distribution.

Click here for a copy of the letter sent to the Heathan

“Date: 25/07/2006

I have read your latest issue of July 2006 No.257, letter to the editor, Mr J. Carrington.

He called on the Heathan to take action against the author of Nova. As ex-neighbourhood warde, I can say that I attended a meeting with other wardens, the meeting was chaired by Mr Pat Wing and Dr Dick Atkinson and Mr Abdul Hamid. They instructed us to collect Names, addresses and information on any so called ‘Islamic Activists’. The author of nova forgot to mention that we have been instructed also to monitor the Islamic Book Store in Ladypool road (Maktaba Ansar).

Mr Wind said he will pass the information to the Special Branch, if you would like a copy of the statement of the above instructions, signed by myself and other wardens visit WWW.Fightbak.org.uk.

We welcome any investigation by the police and certainly we welcome any legal action by any body.


Mr I.Ali”

Click here for a scanned image of the statement signed to by four wardens


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