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Obama’s war on whistle-blowing; Thomas Drake speaks out

12 Aug 2011


Taking Martin Luther King Jr to Palestine

11 Aug 2011


About time Zionist extremists are barred from robust democracies

11 Aug 2011


The U.K. Border Agency is prohibiting fundamentalist Rabbi Yosef Elitzur, co-author of the controversial book “The King’s Torah” (“Torat Hamelech” ), from entering Britain, the Jewish Voice website reported on Wednesday.
Elitzur received a letter last month from the U.K. Border Agency, signed by the home secretary, informing him that he could not enter Britain for the next three years.
The July 20 letter, which appears on the website, cites the British law forbidding entry to anyone who writes, publishes or distributes material “fomenting or justifying terrorist violence … and seeking to provoke others to commit terrorist acts.” The book says Jews may kill gentiles, among other things.
The site says Elitzur was banned from Britain because of the book, published in 2009, and cites Elitzur’s statement, “If the Jews don’t have quiet, the Arabs won’t have quiet. If the Arabs win because of violence against the Jews, the Jews will win by violence against the Arabs.”

Britain wants to shut down social media to catch “criminals”?

11 Aug 2011

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