A Day Ukraine and World Will Remember

For anyone identified as a militia prisoner, I would not want to be in their shoes, as they handled the nasty work for Kiev, terrorizing Donbas

By Jim W. Dean,

Video report from war correspondent, the busy Patrick Lancaster

Editor’s Note: So far the news is good in terms of the low casualties. Covid was worse than this for Ukrainians. Russia will be able to take credit for accurate targeting, focusing on taking out the Ukrainian army facilities, which was accomplished in one night and a day.

Everyone involved in the Maidan coup and the war crimes in Donbas will be heading to Poland, where they will be welcomed with open arms.

It appears the Ukrainian command anticipated the evening attacks and had left their bases for plan B positions. When Putin stated he wanted to de-militarize Ukraine, he was off to a good start.

Russian discipline was on display with the Army command’s order to allow Ukrainian regular army forces to retreat in good order without their weapons, and they would be treated professionally for the oaths they had taken.

For anyone identified as a militia prisoner, I would not want to be in their shoes, as they handled the nasty work for Kiev by terrorizing Donbas, and it will be payback time for them.

I suspect they ran the fastest to get out of the country, where NATO will quickly scoop them up to regroup at one of the black sites in Poland where they will be put to good use for NATO as disposable cannon fodder in the upcoming Cold War. The Oligarchs had already left with their families and mistresses, experienced at knowing when to leave town.

The US taxpayers take it in the behind on all the military aid we sent there, which sustained not only the Ukraine army but the terror militias who have been shelling the Donbas perimeter for 6 or 7 years, with no mercy from them or the West, a black stain on both for which they can never escape.

NATO is clearly someone’s tool. Let me know in the comments who you might think that is. There are three choices, those on the bottom, the middle, or at the top. Thus ends my cheery missive for today.

For my video coverage of the day’s events, SouthFront has a ton of video that is not on Google. It took me a while to sift through it. Here it is… Jim W. Dean ]

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