ISIS exposed at House of Lords

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NOVANEWS Dr. Morrow is bringing the ancient Covenants of the Prophet to the world – at a propitious moment By John Andrew Morrow with Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Dr. John Andrew Morrow is the author/editor/translator of The Covenants of […]


A chessboard drenched in blood

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NOVANEWS    The MH17 tragedy may have been a horrendous mistake. But it may also have been a desperate gambit by the Kiev minions of the Empire of Chaos. By now, Russian intel may have […]


EU, P5+1, Iran Joint Statement

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NOVANEWS EU, P5+1 – Iran Joint Statement  … from the  Islamic  Republic  of  Iran  Broadcasting,  Tehran Iran is on the verge of a surge in growth with the removal of the Western stranglehold [ Editor’s Note:  This […]


Rethinking the Khazar Theory

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NOVANEWS I first came across the Khazar theory a few years ago when I read Koestler’s “The Thirteenth Tribe”. At the time it was a rather marginal, slightly cranky idea but then, suddenly, it became […]