EU, P5+1, Iran Joint Statement



EU, P5+1 – Iran Joint Statement

 … from the  Islamic  Republic  of  Iran  Broadcasting,  Tehran

Iran is on the verge of a surge in growth with the romoval of the Western strangle hold

Iran is on the verge of a surge in growth with the removal of the Western stranglehold

[ Editor’s Note:  This announcement is just a formality, as we learned about the extension earlier, but I am publising this today for its historical significance, and the extension specifically is not the key point.

What makes it historic is that the Zionist/Jewish Lobbies were not able to torpedo the talks, and they did everything they could to do so. They got shut down.

So even though they are not leaving the planet on the next spaceship, and will remain here to torment us, the blush is off their bloom. We see fear beginning to recede in general, but not in the political arena where they still have a tight lock. But momentum is something that can be built on.

All those who support the Zionists should have a public relations target hung around their neck so people can show their contempt at their being such long time enablers. It is way past time that they should suffer some poltical pain for their efforts. While our election system is largely rigged, they can be embarrassed in public, easy and affordable to do.

One last note, the EU was very quick to renew their sanctions relief of the now-completed six month period so Iran can continue its oil exports, something you know the Zios tried to block, but it passed, I think, almost unanimously.

This was a huge public defeat of the expected thug power of the Israelis to block it. The Europeans have figured out that the more oil Iran can sell, the more hard cash it has to buy European products. Imagine that!… Jim W. Dean ]

Iran continues to march forward...out if its long past

Iran continues to march forward…out if its long past

 –  First published July 21,  2014

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, and the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, made the following statement:

We, together with the Political Directors of the E3+3 (China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States), have worked intensively towards a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, building on the political momentum created by the  adoption and smooth implementation by both sides of the Joint Plan of Action agreed on 24 November 2013. We are grateful to the Austrian government and the United Nations for their tremendous support in hosting these negotiations in Vienna.

We have held numerous meetings in different formats, and in a constructive atmosphere, to reach a mutually agreed long-term comprehensive solution that would ensure Iran’s nuclear programme will be exclusively peaceful.

During the past few weeks, we have further intensified our efforts, including through the active involvement of E3+3 Foreign Ministers or their Vice Ministers, who came to Vienna on 13 July 2014 to take stock of progress in the talks. While we have made tangible progress on some of the issues and have worked together on a text for a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, there are still significant gaps on some core issues which will require more time and effort.

We, together with the Foreign Ministers of the E3+3, have therefore decided to extend the implementation of measures of the Joint Plan of Action until 24 November 2014, in line with the timeframe that we envisaged in the Joint Plan of Action. Iran and the  E3/EU+3  reaffirm that they will continue to implement all their commitments described in the Joint Plan of Action in an efficient and timely manner.

We will reconvene in the coming weeks in different formats with the clear determination to reach agreement on a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action at the earliest possible moment.

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