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Collaborating with Outlaws

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NOVANEWS By Amira Hass Of all places, it is in Azzariyeh, east of Jerusalem, that one can really learn to appreciate the activities of Palestinian law-enforcement authorities in cities like Ramallah and Nablus. In those […]


Medical Care in Gaza Under Siege (Part II)

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NOVANEWS by Stephen Lendman On March 25, 2008, Time magazine writer Tim McGirk headlined “Israelis Blocking Medical Care in Gaza,” saying: “Since Gaza is denied (most everything under siege), many complicated surgeries are no longer done […]


History of Vaccines Not Pretty

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NOVANEWS Part one of two by Tom Valentine (This story is from Tom Valentines archives circa 1996; Vaccines remain one of the most contentious issues today, with a determined anti-advocacy continuing to battle fascist monopoly medicine.) […]