What Bibi Didn’t Say in Congress Speech

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NOVANEWS   Netanyahu speech to the American congress “I intend to speak the unvarnished truth because now more than ever what we need is peace” Netanyahu said before he twisted the truth in his speech […]


Hussein Ibish Endorses Netanyahu’s Racist Demands

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NOVANEWS   Hussein Ibish, the Senior Fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine, the Washington public relations outfit of the Israeli-sponsored, Western-funded , American-supervised collaborationist Palestinian (illusory) Authority in occupied Ramallah is calling on Palestinians […]


Review: The Promise

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NOVANEWS Channel 4’s recent drama broke new ground on mainstream TV by portraying some of the brutality that has characterised the state since its foundation and shattering its claims to be a democracy. Written and […]


Hands off Libya!

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NOVANEWS Under cover of supporting a ‘people’s revolution’ and ‘protecting civilians’ in Libya, imperialist forces are attempting to grab the oil, destroy the political independence and wipe out the economic gains of the most advanced […]