Hussein Ibish Endorses Netanyahu’s Racist Demands



Hussein Ibish, the Senior Fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine, the Washington public relations outfit of the Israeli-sponsored, Western-funded , American-supervised collaborationist Palestinian (illusory) Authority in occupied Ramallah is calling on Palestinians to convert to Zionism in order to achieve “peace.”  Salam Fayad‘s Washington concierge who spends most of his time and energy trying to to undermine Palestinian rights with a particular focus on the right of return is now endorsing Benjamin Netanyahu‘s call for Palestinians to adopt the racist, Zionist project:

Netanyahu’s demand is an additional and quite recent complication to an already tangled knot, but it has sunk so deeply into the Israeli and pro-Israel consciousness that some sort of language to satisfy it may ultimately have to be found. Reciprocal recognition of the Jewish right of self-determination in Israel and the Palestinian right of self-determination in Palestine might well prove a requisite final flourish on a peace agreement.

This might make sense for a cigar-smoking, anti-”extremist”, anti-”radical”, Washingtonian “realist” who wants nothing to do with any Palestinian, and hobnobs almost exclusively with racist, Zionist groups like AIPAC and J-Street, but in the real world the idea that the only way to bring the conflict in Palestine to an end is by the indigenous people’s adoption of the racist, colonial project is absurd and immoral.  For Ibish, in order to maintain his designation as a “reasonable, respectable commentator”, as defined by Washington,  not even the most extreme, Likudnik version of Zionist colonialism and its demands are outside the realm of reason or serious consideration.

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