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20,000 Israeli children taken from home says Knesset and we don't know what happened to them

Whilst activists against welfare are now in prison, the State announced the doubling of children taken from home annually.

The Ministry of Welfare denied it.  The government ignored it.  Social workers pressed charges and claims against activists for exposing them and preventing them from carrying out their duties faithfully.

But the parents knew.  Gag orders prevented the general public in Israel of knowing just how deep the problem is.  Snatching 80% of children from home unnecessarily.

Amnon Levy revealed in 2016 the ‘business of children’.  It was finally proven with papers on a documentary that a child generated $5000 per month for institutions, and needy parents left with nothing – not even their children.

It is reported that every single year 100 children are adopted without trace-ability.

We do not know what is happening with the children we have taken out of the house in order to save

In addition, welfare officials admitted that a tender for the position of child complaints commissioner, which is supposed to provide a response to thousands of children who were removed from their homes and whose appointment was decided by law, is still in the tender process.

MK Shasha Biton: “Some children are afraid to tell the story, those who are already told are silenced. They feel that it is not really what they feel, because because they were taken away from home is what they will always feel. My feeling is that maybe we are not all the way there to understand what the child feels. “

Representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs noted that at any given moment there are approximately 9,000 children in out-of-home settings, not including youth protection frameworks, and about 10,000 in the boarding schools of the director of educational settlements, which doubles the number.

Professor Esther Herzog, Aliyah:
 “I served as a foster family for a number of years, it was a total failure, the girl came to places that do not want to reach them, there is a system that promises failure, it can not succeed. , It does not change, and the very fact that the child spends from home is the failure. “

MK Shasha Biton: “It’s not black and white. There are children who took them out of the house because of severe abuse, they seek to save us. It is true that one has to go to a place of more treatment within the community, and this happens, but there are places where it is saving lives. We have to correct the flaws in the existing framework. ““We do not really know what’s going on in those institutions,” says Herzog, “we have to say that there is a lobby of institutions that ensures that there will always be enough quotas for children, only 20 percent find children because of sexual and violent abuse, The rest is due to neglect, and here the problem is, there are other routes inside the house.”

Lawyers working in Juvenile know exactly what is happening to the children in the institutions.  They are gagged from publishing the facts: drugging of children, abuse, prison like environments, and parents put on ‘trial’ to prove they are fit, and mostly always were, to raise their children.

Taking children away just because of financial difficulties, whilst filling institutions at a cost of $5000 per child per month is child abuse.  

“Esther Herzog is correct” says one juvenile lawyer.  “Once a child is taken from parents, in those crucial first days or weeks, the damage is done, and a child can be damaged for life.  Social Services take many children with an ex parte decision and even the parents are not informed.  Children taken by police from schools or kindergartens.  Even forgetting a lunchtime sandwich or having a slightly untidy look can result in children being taken from parents.”

Testimony of girl held 3 years

Children talk of rooms where they are isolated when they cry, often suffering ‘holdings’, where a number of adults, (some children confirm 5) who hold them down on the floor and sit on them. The bare facts are gagged at Supreme Court levels, leaving children alone, helpless and feeling their lives are over.  The above video cannot been seen in Israel.

Parents and lawyers cannot enter private institutions or emergency shelters, but the similar accounts from children prove there is an unacceptable abuse with impunity.

“The children speak when they realize that someone wants to hear. Children I represent for the third time ask me, ‘But you are right ?, you are mine.’ In their world there are a lot of factors, all with good intentions but none of them, no one sees only them. No matter how we get the standard, the child needs a person to trust. 

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