143 prisoners in Nazi camp continue their hunger strike


Palestine Mahtlh : 143 Palestinian prisoners in Nazi camp, an open hunger strike, for various reasons , including administrative detention and refused to protest against jamming devices carcinogens.

And continue to 3 of the prisoners, arrested about two months ago; refusing to arrest administrative, in a serious health situation because of a new deterioration in their health.

The striking prisoners are: “Leader Tariq Qa’dan, 57 days ago, and prisoner Ahmed Abdel Karim Ghannam (42 years) from Dura south of Hebron, beaten for 74 days and Ismail Ismail Ali (30 years) from the town of Abu Dis east of Jerusalem, a strike since 64 days They insist on continuing the strike amid difficult health conditions.

The three prisoners, formerly mentioned, are in isolation of the “Nitzan Ramle” detention center in extremely difficult circumstances, accompanied by a series of reprisal measures carried out by the Nazi detention camp against them.

Also, some 140 prisoners in the Nazi camp continue their hunger strike, rejecting the presence of carcinogenic jamming devices in a number of prisons, about 10 days ago.

In the past few days, the detention centers have managed to collect the striking prisoners from Raymond, Eshel, Negev and other prisons and transfer them to sections 1 and 3 of Nafha Nazi camp, amid pressure, restrictions and punishment to end their strike.

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