Zionists planning to annihilate Islam


Zionists are planning to annihilate Islam.

Zionists are planning to annihilate Islam.
Catherine Shakdam
With Zionists more intent than ever on defiling one of Islam’s holiest of holy, al-Aqsa Mosque, the very ground upon which, so many prophets of God, including Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), have walked upon, one should not ponder over whether Israel is working towards the building of its Third Temple but rather ask when it plans to destroy one of Islam’s beacons.

Only this week, Israeli settlers – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s very own pack of rabid dogs – repeatedly attacked al-Aqsa compound, adamant they would challenge Muslim’s monopoly over the sacred ground and ultimately erase all traces of Islam from…[this place].
Such men want to extradite Islam from its land and deny its very existence for it poses an inherent threat to their own belief system. As a religion of truth, the closing chapter of God’s message onto Men, Islam requires no indoctrination as it is light by essence. It is such light which Israel seeks to annihilate as its forces only yearn for darkness.
Perfectly aware of the controversy their actions are bound to generate, Israel extremists feel endowed with a sacred mission; ridding al-Quds of all the Gentiles ahead of the coming of their much awaited “Messiah.” Only what they fail to realize is that with the building of the Third Temple it is their fate as a people they are sealing for all eternity.
Under the leadership of radical Rabbi Yehuda Glick, a man who has sworn to destroy Al-Aqsa, as he believes the Arc of the Covenant as well as Moses’ ten commandments tablets sit directly underneath its ground, buried deep within, the precious relics of prophetic times; Israel crusaders are on a mission.
Rabbi Shlomo Goren, the former chief rabbi of Israel actually confirmed in an interview that all Israel religious leaders vied toward such a goal.
…Al-Quds remain a sacred symbol within our consciousness, a physical link to our faith, a place which has yet to witness a great deal of tribulations and see fulfilled many prophecies, one of which the return of [Imam] Mahdi, Islam’s most awaited Imam and true leader of faith.
The city of all cities, all faiths understand that all will end in al-Quds.
And while settlers systematically attack and desecrate al-Quds, under the watchful eye and protection of the Israeli army, Muslims across the world are much too pre-occupied with economic issues, their minds clouded by the ever present specter of war to realize what crimes are taking place.
As per noted by Awad Al-Rujoob, a reporter based in East al-Quds (Jerusalem), “Settlers have now become accustomed to storming the mosque regularly, usually touring around the yards starting from the Mughrabi Gate and then going to al-Marwani Mosque, Rahma Gate, al-Asbat Gate and King Faisal Gate until the al-qtanin Gate, exiting from al-Selselah Gate.”
This week Zionists climbed over the Dome of the Rock, a move slammed by the Islamic-Christian Committee to support East al-Quds (Jerusalem) and its holy sites. The organization wrote in a condemning press statement, “The incident represents a flagrant violation against places of worship.”
While none of the criminals were ever challenged by the police or the army for that matter, three Muslim worshippers were apprehended within the ground of al-Aqsa sanctuary and taken into custody.
Israel’s plan is two-fold: one, to provoke sectarian strife and tensions within the Muslim community as to generate a situation whereby Zionists will be able to justify an aggressive crackdown, and two, to discourage Muslim worshippers from performing their daily prayers in al-Aqsa to better negate Islam’s claim on the site.
Angered by Israel’s sacrilege, the Mufti of East al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the [occupied] Palestinian Territories Sheikh Muhammad Hussein stressed in an address to the press in November 2013 that al-Aqsa is an Islamic mosque [and is] for Muslims only, and no one will share it with them. He described the occupation’s and radicals’ intrusion into the Mosque as aggression. Outraged he warned, “Enough playing with fire, if they want peace.”
But indeed they do not.
With Zionists arguing al-Aqsa should be split into two sections – division is a tactic most favored by the Zionist history books…– Islamic dignitaries in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) have rose in utter disbelief, calling on all Muslims to rise up in protest and stand in solidarity with Palestine.
Chairman of the Islamic Waqf Council Sheikh Abdul Azim Salhab emphasized in an outcry to the world, “al-Aqsa and its surroundings, around it and beneath it, belong to Muslims exclusively,….We, in the Islamic Waqf Department, together with masses of our people who can get to al-Aqsa, stand before this racist attack, raising our voices and calling out as loudly as we can that al-Aqsa is in danger, and the great Arab and Muslim Ummah  must relate to these dangers… We must unify efforts in order to save the blessed Mosque.”
But above Palestine’s cries, the thunderous voice of Israel’s propaganda machine covers all, obliterating with its net of lies the voices of the innocent, implacably plotting the destruction of al-Aqsa, both in the public’ subconscious and on the ground.
Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, yet another New World Order war-monger participated in the development, production and distribution of a propaganda film which promotes the destruction of al-Aqsa Mosque ahead of the construction of the Third Temple.
The film shows the gradual wearing away of the Dome of the Rock and the appearance of the alleged Temple of Solomon in place of the dome.
Too explicit as to the nature of Israel’s real policy and much too controversial to be viewed by the greater public, the original version of the film was banned by Israel Foreign Ministry.
“The danger has approached and time is precious.”  – Islamic Movement in Palestine, Zahi Njedat –

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