Zionist West versus Islam


The much awaited clash of civilizations is now right before us; the perpetrators are none other than who had sponsored this book.

By Raja G Mujtaba


Islam bashing has become part of a well organised move in the West. This is nothing new, such acts are spread over the entire history of Islam. The notorious crusades were initiated in by Pope Urban 2nd in 1096 when the Church was losing its hold on Christians, this ploy was used by them to bring the Christians back under the yoke of the Church.  As a reaction to these invasions, a warrior in the person of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, a Kurd emerged and fought out these crusades against Islam.

Now on 9/11, Bush assumed the role of Pope Urban 2nd and declared it a crusade in his State of the Union address against Islam after the 9/11 event. The magnitude of this false flag has been so intense that its ripples are being felt even now. Its splinter effects have spread across not only the US but Western Europe as well. Burning of Holy Quran by Pastor Terry Jones in Florida was the most glaring act. Other than this, there have been numerous attacks on Mosques and Muslims in the entire length and breadth of the US. As if this was not enough, caricatures of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S A W) were perpetrated in Europe. Dutch MP, Geert Wilders launched a very aggressive campaign against Islam when he addressed the British Parliament. First it was absolutely wrong on the part of the British to allow such a speech and then it was even worse when he was allowed to get away with it.

Operation Desert Storm under General Colin Powel was the first stage of “War against Islam” it was orchestrated first by instigating Saddam Hussain to invade Iran that was going through a process of revolution and then Kuwait to create a fear and terror in the minds of the Gulf Cooperation Council states on the Persian Gulf. When Iraq was fighting Iran, I was adviser to Kuwait Air Force & Air Defence for its automation. I was observing that daily night flights were taking place to provide arms and ammunition to Iraq. Although it was not in my assignment to advise them on this but sensing what was to come for Kuwait after Saddam fails to defeat Iran was not being accepted by the Kuwaiti authorities. They thought that Iraq would be able to defeat Iran hence Kuwait would be on the side of the victor and then it was the Arab nationalism that had been inculcated by Col Lawrence that became a strong factor to support Iraq. The US and her allies played a smart move, through Iran-Iraq war, US was avenging her humiliation at the hands of the Iranian students who had occupied the US Embassy and taken over four hundred hostages in Tehran.

Before all this, the US had built huge bases in Saudi Arabia much beyond the Saudi needs but at their expense. It was a great game of chess being played at the expense of the Arab Kings and Sheikhs to extract their wealth and take control of their oil and political body. Soon after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the UN Security Council was moved, media hype was created and the troops began to arrive in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States to ‘liberate’ Kuwait. Iraq’s military might was destroyed, No-Fly Zones were established, oil exports were taken over. Iraq was completely cut off and no trade was taking place, hospital ran out of medicines, stores had no stock even of essentials where baby food was not to be seen; this was such a cruel act on the part of the US and her allies that almost a million babies and people died for want of food and medicines. When Madeline Albright was confronted with this astronomical figure of deaths, she said that this was a price worth it.

Such venomous acts are doing no service to humanity at large and the countries in particular on whose lands such campaigns are being held. Every country no matter how big or small it maybe has a strong Muslim population. Reaction of such population is but natural thus it brings chaos and destruction in the country where such acts are allowed in the name of the basic freedoms of speech and expression. Freedom of expression etc. are good but not at the cost of religious sentiments of other communities. Such freedom only disrupts peace and harmony not only in the country of occurrence but it runs polarization and deep wedge between such communities around the world.

Ever since 9/11, the world is being pushed deeper and deeper into a state of war. Many Muslim countries have been attacked and numerous are being planned to be attacked. Reasons to do are always engineered and the blame is fixed on the target country. Since 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan are under constant state of destabilization. Libya was the last country to have been attacked. A country that was living in peace and refusing to accept the American hegemony has been put to anarchy. Now Yemen, Syria and Iran are under focus. Several attempts have been made on Pakistan but without success. Also there is a well coordinated move taking place in Africa where Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia etc. are being threatened. It is not to be forgotten that Arab kingdoms in the Arabian Peninsula are also under threat. The sword of destabilization and anarchy is hanging on their necks also.

This is a very crucial time in the history of Muslims, and there is no body or any coordinated effort to face the threats and challenges. Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that was formed a few decades back became a center of hope and inspiration for the Muslims but soon it became apparent that it has been plagued by the termites planted by the West. Now, as Mahathir Muhammad said it’s not OIC but Oh IC. This can be well gauged from its impotence and lack of assertion on any issue inflicting the Muslim world. It has not been able to resolve any conflicts within the Muslim world. The expected diplomatic role of this body has been a complete disappointment.

Now to check Islam bashing or spread of Islamophobia that’s being created by the neo-cons and the Zionists is merely a lip service. The press release of the OIC secretariat is placed below for the benefit of the readers to assess for them how pathetic the state is. 

“Informed sources at the General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) disclosed on Thursday, 17 November 2011 that a meeting of experts will be held in Washington DC on 12 December 2011 and will last three days to discuss ways and means to implement  resolution 16/18 on “Combating intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization of, and discrimination, incitement to violence, and violence against persons based on religion or belief” which was issued by the United Nations Human Rights Council last March, and prepared by the OIC in collaboration with the United States of America. The resolution, which received large support in the HRC, aims to combat religious discrimination, all what may lead to hatred and violence, and combating the phenomenon of Islamophobia spreading in the West. OIC member states and other countries are expected to participate in the said meeting.

The sources said that Washington meeting, which will be held at the level of experts, will endeavor to lay down legal mechanisms for the implementation of resolution 16/18 in order to pave the way for creating national legislations in the UN Member States that can reduce religious discrimination and incitement to religious hatred and violence.

The sources also noted that the meeting will also attempt to overcome the obstacles that prevent the implementation of the resolution, such as understanding the principle of freedom of expression, which is considered sacred by Western countries, while the OIC will endeavor to formulate frameworks for implementation of the resolution that ensure non insulting or defamation of religions or religious sanctities that lead to hostility and discrimination in many Western countries.

In the meantime, the UN Third Committee adopted by consensus resolution 16/18 last Tuesday. The OIC sources considered such achievement an additional success for the resolution. The sources added that countries such as Australia, Brazil and Thailand have confirmed their absolute support for the resolution during the meeting and have become additional co-sponsors for the resolution.

The OIC Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Ufuk Gokcen gave an elaborate presentation on the resolution at an interfaith meeting held recently in Marrakech, Morocco. The participating countries expressed their full support for the resolution which was secured earlier during the meeting that was co-chaired by the OIC Secretary General Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Istanbul last July.”

Enough killings have taken place under the garb of ‘War On Terror,’ the number runs into millions, this is no coincidence but a well thought out agenda of the Zionists and the Neo-Cons. This was executed by Bush-Blair and Company. They have committed crime against humanity for which they need to be charged and tried in a neutral court of justice. This court should have representations from the Muslim world also. Without bringing these criminals to justice world would never see peace. If not, then the way the Muslim countries are being victimized and attacked a new Salahuddin Ayubi will arise and put everything to rest.

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