November 1, 2010
by crescentandcross Quantcast

Leapin’ lizards, what IS it with these people? I mean, is it something as primal as magnetic pull that they gravitate towards betrayal, deceit and treason? After all, the law of averages says that once in a while–like the proverbial broken clock being right twice a day–they have to be loyal, even if only ACCIDENTALLY.
We are not asking this rhetorically. Curious minds REALLY want to know, and not in the salacious way some tabloid asks whether or not so-and-so starlet is carrying the love child of some space alien, but rather for reasons involving life and death on a mass scale.
Why does it seem that every time at that proverbial fork in the road when they can choose “A”–which is to stand by the country of their origin to which they owe their allegiance–they seem to be propelled towards “B” with the G-force of a Minuteman rocket? Is it that tendency described in the story of the scorpion and the frog, that they simply can’t help themselves and are dealing with internal forces of nature as powerful as gravity?
The latest event causing this question to burn in those aforementioned inquiring minds stems from the very-public/ organized push to see convicted spy for Israel Jonathon Pollard released from the same prison cell he should thank his lucky stars he’s in, given the severity of his crimes. In a piece appearing in the LA Times written by former Reagan administration assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb entitled “Free Jonathan Pollard” we in the sane world are now treated to YET ANOTHER, SURPRISE SURPRISE, verbal tapdance that Israel and her supporters perform whenever they get ants in their pants over some issue. A few of the mind-boggling whoppers include the following–
“About 25 years ago, Jonathan Jay Pollard, a U.S. naval intelligence analyst, betrayed his country by providing highly classified information to Israel. Even though Israel was and still is a U.S. ally and is routinely supplied with U.S. intelligence, Pollard deserved to be severely punished for his actions. However, the punishment should fit the crime. In his case, it does not…”
Ok, let’s just press “pause” here for a minute and dissect this frog scientifically. “Pollard betrayed his country”–First, let’s not make the mistake of thinking that Korb is saying this because he believes it. This is a typical theatrical technique that people of Korb’s ilk employ when they want to gain the trust of the seated jury, something proven correct in the last statement of that paragraph when he talks about the “punishment fitting the crime”.
What Korb is banking on here is that the readers of his piece of lying propaganda do not know that treason is a capital offence. Pollard did not simply sell trivial information to Israel, he gave away the store. His crimes led to the deaths of over 1,000 American intelligence assets/agents and PERMANENTLY compromised America’s methods and means of acquiring sensitive intelligence.
Korb continues–
“The average sentence meted out to individuals convicted of giving classified information to an ally is seven years, with average time served about four years.”
Again, this was not just “classified” information. It was life or death/do or die intelligence that directly jeopardized the physical well-being of hundreds of millions of Americans, and continues to do so. Secondly, Korb’s offhand statement that Israel is an “ally” of America has got to be one of the sickest jokes ever told, on par with those publicly making fun of paraplegics and people born with birth defects. Israel is as much an ally to the US as a virus is to any healthy body.
The Jewish state has murdered American citizens on several occasions, including her deliberate attack on the USS LIBERTY in 1967, her role in the Marine barracks bombings in Beirut in 1983 and her role in allowing 911 to take place. Saying that Israel is in any way friendly to the US is no different than a mob lawyer trying to sway a jury away from convicting his client with the argument that he provides much-needed jobs for the community while not mentioning that these “jobs” revolve around prostitution, drugs, gambling, and murder for hire.
“The question is why Pollard received such a harsh sentence and why he still languishes in prison despite the pleas of hundreds of U.S. legislators, dozens of distinguished attorneys (including a former solicitor general), a former CIA director, one former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and several Israeli leaders to have him released…There are at least three reasons for this state of affairs. First is the victim impact statement of my former boss, Caspar Weinberger, the secretary of Defense at the time of Pollard’s arrest.
The statement, much of which remains classified, implied that some of the information that Pollard had supplied to Israel made its way to the Soviet Union. Weinberger argued that Pollard was no different from spies who provided information to the Soviets and was guilty of treason.
Yes, and I think we can safely say that Weinberger, tasked as he was with the relatively unimportant role of Sec of Defense, knew what he was talking about. So do you Korb, but what is at stake here is not the national security of the United States, but rather what is good for “home sweet home”, meaning Israel.
“Weinberger’s contention has been debunked. Information that Pollard gave to Israel did not make its way to the USSR. Instead, the information that the Soviets received during the 18 months Pollard was spying for Israel most likely came from Ames and Robert Hanssen, a onetime FBI agent who spied for the USSR and Russia from 1979 to 2001.”
WRONG, and here Korb shows the true magnetic pull Israel’s supporters have towards lying and treachery when speaking in the court of public opinion. Israel traded that information to the USSR in return for increased emigration quotas that would allow Soviet Jews to come to Israel and that is an undisputed fact and we can all be rest assured that Korb knows this.
“In 1998, the Israeli government finally admitted that Pollard was one of its agents, granted him Israeli citizenship and has sought clemency for him from three U.S. presidents. Finally, Pollard himself not only expressed remorse before the sentencing judge but has done so several times publicly over the past 25 years (and the government has conceded that the jailhouse interviews had to have been authorized).
News flash here Korb–all caught criminals express remorse. It’s a ploy to get a reduced sentence and the fact you would include this in your argument is an insult to the intelligence of the readers of your inane article.
Furthermore, Israel would absolutely LOVE to get Pollard sprung from his cage for 3 reasons–first and foremost is that Pollard still has information related to US National security that would be dangerous if he were released, (2) it would be a huge propaganda coup for Israel and her supporters in the US, showing how the US willingly slits her own throat when Jews demand it and (3) would go a long way towards alleviating/eliminating the fears that Israeli spies harbor towards getting caught viz a viz waging war against America.
“Some now argue that Pollard should be released because it would improve U.S.-Israeli relations and enhance the prospects of success of the Obama administration’s Middle East peace process…”
Again, this is akin to the “Free Al Capone because he does a lot for the city”s economy” argument. Have these people ANY shame?
But then, I have just asked something where the answer is contained in the question itself. Like albinos born without any pigment in their skin, hair, and eyes, supporters of Israel are born without any sense of objective right or wrong, where God is not some omnipotent force that demands good and commands against evil, but rather is the Jewish people and their political creature known as Israel.
Probably the best argument however, as to whether Israel’s supporters indeed have a gravitational pull towards treachery when it comes to doing Israel’s bidding came from Jonathon Pollard himself who, when being interrogated by the Naval officer responsible for arresting him had the following to say–
“The US should never give security clearances to Jews, because when asked to, we are willing to do whatever is necessary for our country, Israel.”
© 2010 Mark Glenn

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