Zionist Supremacists Move to Tie Down Cinema Complexes in Eastern Europe


In yet another move designed to solidify Zionist Supremacist control of the mass media and “entertainment” industry, an Israeli-based company has launched a bid to become one of the largest cinema chain owners in Eastern Europe.
According to a report in Zionist Ynet newspaper, the company called Israel Theaters has already become the third largest in Europe.
The management are all Zionist who make the “commute” every two weeks to oversea the operations, Ynet news reported.
The chain operates in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia.
Muki Greidinger, 59, one of the owners of Israel Theaters boasted that they have fellow Zionist Jewish Supremacist, child-molester and fugitive from U.S. law, Roman Polanski “at every serious premier.”
Greidinger said that a merger with a western European company is possible, as is moving up to second place in the theater rankings.
Not content with already dominating Hollywood and the movie industry, the Zionist Supremacists also wish to make sure that they control the media outlets, in order to prevent films of which they do not approve from reaching the general public.
There is no better way to do this than by owning the actual cinemas themselves.

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