Jewish Supremacism–The Worst of the Nasty Odors Stinking Up Our World Today

October 24, 2010
by crescentandcross Quantcast

It’s never a small slice of heaven when someone (obviously handicapped viz-a-viz grasping the finer points of social etiquette) decides it’s in his or her best interest to fumigate the area with an unannounced (and unwanted) digestive eruption. Worse still are those who somehow get their kicks from doing it, and who can’t imagine a funnier, wittier way of telling a joke than to shit his or her pants and stink the place up and watch the subsequent reactions from the innocent victims around him.
They exist, for sure, and just WHY on earth they engage in such behavior will forever remain a mystery, even to the best and brightest amongst us. Best explanation is that it’s just bad rearing, plain and simple. After all, even dogs don’t foul their own areas and that’s not something they even have to be taught…
There are other times however–as crazy as it sounds–that despite it not being a little slice of heaven nevertheless can be an absolute Godsend when Mr. or Mrs. So-and-so has an “announcement” to make and does so in a manner bold, brash and without the slightest concern for what may come afterwards.
I know what you’re saying, but believe me, it’s true. There are some people who’ve got the world fooled concerning their social status and who use that artificially-created status to wreak havoc on our otherwise pleasing-to-the nose world. Essentially rotten to the core, nevertheless the perfume they use in masking their true nature results in them having the world wrapped around their finger to the point that no matter what they do they come out of it smelling like a rose.
Given enough time however, they eventually do themselves in with their own arrogance. Thinking the rest of us are too stupid or that our sense of smell is too dulled to ever figure out who dunnit, inevitably they tire of holding in it and let loose with something that would wake the dead.
One such case occurred recently, although to relatively little fanfare. Had it been anyone else, and particularly from the Muslim community, why the country where the little eruption had taken place would already have been bombed into oblivion and its leaders sent an invoice for the bullets. The event in question, although certainly not easy on the nostrils, nevertheless is one of those cases we should all thank the maker for, given that it goes a long way towards explaining why our little Garden of Eden has turned into such a cesspool these days.
Imagine the scene…a synagogue–a PLACE OF WORSHIP, FOR GOD’S SAKE–and not just ANY place of worship, but indeed in the very headquarters of God Himself–Israel…He–Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, spiritual leader of Israel’s Shas party–mounts the steps to the podium, clears his throat, adjusts his glasses, shuffles his papers, opens his mouth to speak, and then, with no warning whatsoever–
–belches out a whopper of a heart-stopper that could (or at least SHOULD) have been heard from space.
“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow and reap while we Jews sit like an effendi (royalty) and eat…That is why gentiles were created…Their sole purpose is to serve Jews…Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the people of Israel…In Israel, death has no dominion over them…With gentiles, it is like with any other person – they need to die, but God gives them longevity. Why? Because this (the gentile) is his servant…Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. That’s why he (the gentile) gets a long life, to work well for the Jew…”
Now, lest some assume the ol’ Rebbe had a sudden attack of indigestion that caused all this ill wind to burst forth and pollute an otherwise breathable/livable environment, think again. Why, it was just a mere few weeks ago where he was heard giving a sermon calling down genocide against Gentiles simply based on their status as such. And he is not alone, as he and his fellow travelers are no longer bothering to hide anymore the foul air coursing through the bowels of Jewish thinking. Anyone needing proof merely get a copy of “The King’s Torah” written by Rabbi Shapira, with its licensing of murdering Gentiles, even innocent children, if it passes the Jewish sniff test.
Nor should we make the mistake of assuming their stinking up the place is limited to just belching such racist, elitist comments as the dirty old man and his fellow perverts are wont to do. It is an across-the-board phenomenon. Actually the statements–as raunchy as they are to both the nostrils and the soul, are mild compared to what happens when they are put into practice–
Operation Cast Lead. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The daily murder of Palestinian children “for sport”. Harvesting organs from Gentiles at gunpoint. Economic exploitation/ruination. De-moralizing entire swaths of civilization through unchallenged Jewish domination of the media. The complete corruption of every political office from the president to the town dog catcher.
Yes, that’s right ladies and germs, the nose knows and it is definitely not a case of “the one who smelt it dealt it”. And yes, as bad as it is, as much as it causes our eyes to water and our throats to burn, we should be rejoicing whenever stink bombs like this go off. The urge to pinch the nose, cover the mouth and start looking around frantically for a polite place to throw up is completely understandable, but the fact is that we need this, BIG TIME. Despite touching off our collective gag reflex and leaving us gasping for fresh air, nevertheless this (and other similar events) will be their undoing and our salvation one day. Why?
Because, it’s exactly the kind of rude, crude, and socially-unacceptable “cutting of the cheese” that exposes the artiste for the true, face-down-in-the-gutter barbarian he is and leaves no doubts concerning his civility and bearing. Remember all that stuff dealing with a “light among nations” and a “holy, priestly people” we have been fed since our earliest days at Sunday school? 
Well, what could be more raw and undiluted than this? There’s nothing “silent but deadly“ about it. It’s as loud as any typical Jewish military campaign–be it Gaza or Iraq–resulting in the killing or wounding of tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children and prime efface evidence as to why there is this thing known as ‘the Jewish problem’ in the world, and more importantly, why there always has been.
He didn’t just think this up yesterday. This kind of thinking is as old as the hills. In these kind of raw, unvarnished, uncensored “Rabbis Gone Wild” vignettes, we get to see the real face of the creature we are dealing with here, the REAL face of Jewish thinking that has got us all by the family jewels these days. Why is there this thing known as war in the Middle East?
 SIMPLE–IMAGINE THESE ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS–people who shit on your front porch, smear it all over your door and then shoot you when you complain about it or try to clean it up. People who view the rest of us as their God-appointed slaves, or, in the rebbe‘s own words, no better than donkeys–JACKASSES.
Doubtless those within the Jewish community, and particularly the organized Jewish groups whose job is to walk around with a can of air freshener anytime someone from within la famiglia engages in such business will embarrassingly explain away little faux pas such as these with the excuse that it does not represent “true” Judaism that carries the effervescence of heaven and everything good and that this was just an unusual attack of spiritual indigestion.
To which all of us “in the know” can respond with “BULLSHIT”, no pun intended. This is the real deal. All that fluff we have been told–certainly throughout the centuries but specifically in the last 60 years or so–about the Jews just wanting to “live in peace” with others, how they are “misunderstood” and “helpless victims to anti-Semitism” all just got flushed right down the crapper with that little slip of the tongue. In the 60 or so seconds that it took the ol’ Rebbe to have his bowel movement of the heart, mind and soul, he made clear to the entire world why Jews have been hated throughout history and always will, as long as they entertain such thoughts. How does that old saying go–“Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks?” Truer words were never spoken.
Now, fortunately for those of us in the jackass community, we will get it. We will be able to competently put 2 and 2 together in coming up with 4. Sadly however, they–those who live by words such as those uttered by the ol’ Rebbe, will not. Rather, they will continue with the eternal drama, crying out loud with all their typical fanfare whenever there is some eruption of anti-Jewish activity with “Woe…woe…woe…Why us, Lord?…WHY US…?”
The Italians–God bless ‘em, have an old saying that pretty much sums it up–
”Gli ospiti come sono pesci. Dopo tre giorni, puzza…”
–Which, when translated goes something like this–
“Guests are like fish…After 3 days, its stinks…
And even moreso for unwanted ones, and if there were ever a more unwelcome and uninvited guest to the dinner table of nations, it is Israel and her extended family of racists, narcissists, murderers and thugs.
As with all mixed blessings, we, the jackasses of humanity, can take solace in the fact that the continued belching of such foul, sulphuric comments from more and more Jewish leaders worldwide will inevitably result in a much-needed clearing of the air, and hopefully–not just an enduring, but indeed–a permanent one.
© 2010 Mark Glenn
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