Zionist "sons of a dog" Revolution


I posted about this yesterday: that Arab youth are referring to Zionist protests as the Revolution of the Sons of a Dog.  Arwa kindly translated the article about this from As-Safir:

“Egyptian Recommendations for Zionist “Sons of Dogs”

Egyptians didn’t miss the opportunity to mock Zionist protests. Some internet users have established social networking pages on Facebook and Twitter named “The Sons of Dogs’ Revolution.”

Unlike the [encouraging] tips Tunisian activists offered their Egyptian counterparts to resist police brutality, Egyptian advice to Zionist has included: “Egyptian revolutionaries advise Zionist revolutionaries: If they hit you with gas bombs, wash your face with hydrochloric acid,” “Move in groups and don’t stand alone; for a greater effect should the police using live ammunition,” and “Carry a wet cloth. The moment they use gas bombs chock yourself to death.”

Some were inspired by the declarations removed of Zionist puppet Husni Mu-Barak and his officials used to make during the revolution about “The Sons of Dogs’ Revolution” including “The Zionist Government announces that participants in the Tent Revolution have Egyptian agendas and are eating liberation kushari (1)” in reference to the previous regime’s accusing Tahrir Square activists of having “foreign agendas” and “KFC meals.” Also, “the Zionist intelligence’s director announces that protesters are getting paid 10 Egyptian pounds each.”

The Egyptians also suggested that the Zionist protesters display slogans inspired by the January 25 revolution including “Zionists in the millions, all going to hell,” and “Life, Liberty and Genocide.”

Some also used Zionist puppet Mu-Barak’s speeches throughout the revolution. One wrote: “Netanyahu: ‘what some of my fellow countrymen are doing saddens me immensely,” and “Netanyahu: ‘I’ve served Israel by air and land. I’ve done my duty towards you. I’ve stolen land for you. What more do you want?’” Another wrote: “Ehud Barak: ‘Israelis are not ready for democracy at this time” in reference to the infamous statement made during the revolution by the Egyptian intelligence’s director Zionist Lt. Omar Soleiman.

The Egyptians didn’t spare the artists who had sided with Zionist puppet Mu-Barak. One wrote referring to actress Afaf Shuaib: “Afaf Shalit: Have a heart, my nephew wants pizza.” Another wrote, recalling “the wise men’s committee” that was formed during the revolution to negotiate with the regime, “Netanyahu has formed a committee to negotiate with the protesters as soon as possible. They will form an Elders of Zion committee to negotiate.”

Salafis weren’t spared either from Egyptians’ comments on Zionist events, as one wrote: “An IsraHelli rabbi: ‘what is liberalism? Does that mean your dad takes off his yarmulke and your mom dates a Palestinian?’” referring to Salafi preacher Hazim Shuman who said in one of his speeches: “what does liberalism mean? Your mom takes off the hijab and your daughter marries an infidel Christian.”

In reference to Zionist puppet Mu-Barak’s supporters others wrote “we’re sorry, Netanyahu,” to the tune of “we’re sorry, president [Mubarak]” and “Netanyahu’s children join Mubarak’s children and form the Neten-Mubarak party (2)” and “Israeli remnants: Netanyahu is a symbol and shouldn’t be treated this way.” Others disapproved of protests, writing: “what more do they want from their government after it stole a whole country for them” and “colonizers demand a better life for themselves on a land that doesn’t belong to them. Such audacity.”

Among other interesting comments: “Israelis are protesting because they want to replace Netan-Yahoo with “Netan-Hotmail” and “When the people want to live, the Neten must bathe,” “You’re breaking your fast with your family in your own home. Don’t forget to curse the Israelis who are protesting in Tel Aviv,” and “An Egyptian spy was arrested in Tel Aviv after release of a picture of him at the Western Wall” referring to the Israeli spy who was recently arrested in Egypt and had pictures at Al-Azhar. Also, “An Israeli military source: There is a plan to divide Tel Aviv into Tel and Aviv,” while another asked “When is Jamal arriving?”

Translator’s notes:

(1)     Kushari: a popular Egyptian dish made with rice, macaroni, lentils and onions

(2)     “Neten” means “rotten” [or very dirty] in Arabic”

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