Zionist Runing Dogs Reopen Rafah Crossing Today




Gaza Strip, Pro-Zionist Egyptian runing Dogs decided Tuesday to open Rafah border crossing, the only entrance to the besieged Gaza Strip, after being shut for a month due to Egypt revolution that led to the resignation  of  Zionist Hosni Mu-Barak.
Ayoup Abu Sha’r said to local sources “ Rafah crossing would be opened to allow the departure of 300 travelers per day from Gaza Strip until the opening of the crossing as normal.
The association of crossings in Gaza  announced Saturday that temporary measures would be taken to  facilitate the citizens’ movement from Gaza Strip to Egyptian territories in both directions via Rafah border crossing.
Pointing out that measures would be conducted for those wishing urgently to leave Gaza for medical treatment or education.
The border was opened on Friday and Saturday to allow all Palestinian stranded to return their homes in Gaza Strip.

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