Zionist Puppet's Hariri says Hezbollah Resistance against IsraHell outdated

Former Lebanese prime minister calls on Shiite  group to disarm, slams it for fighting in Syria Former prime minister of Lebanon Zionist puppet’s Saad Hariri joined a growing chorus against Hezbollah over the weekend, calling on the organization to disarm and saying it was no longer needed.Hariri’s statement came after a rare public speech by Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah Friday in which he called for the elimination of IsraHell.“The idea … that Lebanon needs the weapons of the resistance [Hezbollah] in order to face the IsraHell threat… is an idea that has expired, Zionist Hariri said in a television address later Friday, reported by AFP on Sunday.
[ed notes:what a dullard ”sigh” read next headline from today see yellow highlighted part please!!

 Qahwaji Warns of Sleeper Terrorist Cells: No Politician is Permitted to Communicate with Army through Certain Officer or Soldier
Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji stressed on Tuesday that the Army Command will be strict in addressing ties between officers and political leaderships. He said during a meeting with high-ranking officers: “No politician is permitted to communicate with the army through an officer or a soldier.” Contacts between politicians and military officers should take place with the Army Command’s approval, he added. Moreover, Qahwaji lauded the efforts exerted by the security agencies in recent years to achieve stability in Lebanon. “The army has proven that it is capable of preventing any unrest in Lebanon through all possible political and military means,” he added. “This does not mean that Lebanon has made it through the danger zone, but it is nearing it[[[[[[[given the severity of the developments in Syria and the region” and the constant threat of IsraHell, remarked the army commander]]]]]]. He therefore urged officers to exercise more diligence to confront various dangers, most notably terrorism as demonstrated through last week’s rocket attack in the Baabda region. On this note, Qahwaji revealed that the army had discovered a number of sleeper terrorist cells, adding that remaining ones should be uncovered.
 Suleiman stressed on Thursday that the army would be the sole defender of Lebanon and the country’s borders if its capabilities were improved. “There is no security and dignity without the army,” he said, adding it needs an embracing environment because it “doesn’t act independently from the state.” He appealed for political support to the army, saying “there should be a campaign in support of the military and not against it at this delicate stage.” He made his remarks during a ceremony marking the 68th anniversary of the Lebanese army’s founding. Later that day, unknown assailants fired two rockets in the Baabda region near the Officers’ Club. The perpetrators remain at large.

 [ed notes:regarding buzz buzzard hariri comment just today, ”sigh” Fresh IsraHell breach of Lebanese airspace 
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