Zionist puppet Alan Dershowitz

When old and new anti-Semitism come together

Zionist puppet Alan Dershowitz is an ally of Trump and Naziyahu who LOVES to blame Palestinians for the violence and oppression they experience under Nazi occupation. He says things like: “The suffering of Palestinians, which does not compare to the suffering of many other groups, has been largely inflicted by themselves.” And he’s about to celebrate another birthday. 

What a year it’s been! Zionist Dershowitz ramped up his vile rhetoric last month by comparing well-known Jewish journalist Peter Beinart, an editor at Jewish Currents, to a Nazi – simply for writing an op-ed that affirmed the humanity of Palestinians and argued for an equal, just state for both Israelis and Palestinians. On top of his full schedule of anti-Palestinian hate, he found time to join Trump’s legal defense team during his impeachment trial, and to write an op-ed in defense of accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell. It’s clear which side he’s on.

We can’t think of a better way to mark Zionist Dershowitz’s birthday than to raise money to fight for justice, dignity and equality for the Palestinians.

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