Purim II: Promotion of Genocide
In this video Proves How Purim is Promotion of Genocide
An amazing video that must be seen to be believed. offers even more compelling evidence of how Purim and other Zionist celebrations promote human rights violations of Palestinians and others. This video even quotes Zionist leaders saying that the lesson of Purim is to completely wipe out your enemies,  including all the descendants of your enemies and even their animals! Sounds hard to believe, but the evidence  of promotion of genocide is easily proven.
This video is one of the best anti-hate videos ever made. It is amazing that this kind of hateful material can be taught and yet those who expose it are the ones accused of hatred instead of these evil promoters of hate, violence and even genocide. This video has got to be seen to be believed.
Here is the document link for the “Light Unto Nations”  Read it thoroughly and completely. You can also search the quotes from Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post in Google that are mentioned in the video and find them readily.
We urge everyone to read the introduction to Zionist Supremacism which is contained in the next post, it will give you an introduction to Zionist extremism and supremacism. These are facts that the controlled media has relentlessly suppressed.

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