Zionist Obama Backed Terrorists Threaten Mass Beheadings

FSA : Promise of Mass Beheadings: Message from Abu Hafs, the Sword-Waving Jihadist in Syria.
For those of you in USA, UK, France, Netherlands and Germany, these are the crazy butchers that your country are supporting. The world cries over children killed in a school in the US, yet there is no mention in the western media about the students killed in Syria when a US backed car bomb attacked a university.
Do the west think that Syrian children are unworthy of getting any acknowledgement or sympathy, except from Russia.
This video footage shows an Arab Jihadi (most likely Saudi or Libyan) holding a sword in his hand and speaking to the camera very angrily. This footage is taken from the year 2013.
In his first message, he promises mass beheadings for all ‘traitors of Aisha and Abu Bakr’ – in reference to Shia Muslims and Alawites.
In his second message to the Arab Muslim world, he calls them traitors because they failed to help the Jihadis by sending them rockets to kill more Syrians faster. He also promises to chop their heads off with his sword.
These are the people supported by the West and hailed as “freedom fighters.”

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