I got this from Granville Williams, who many of you will remember from when he lived in Birmingham, and more recently when he spoke at Birmingham Trades Union Council  (BTUC) on the Media and the Miners Strike. He is an activist in the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (CPBF) which is supported by BTUC.


Please sign the petition against Rupert Murdoch’s attempt to take total control of BSkyB. The 38 degrees petition on Murdoch is an initiative by the CPBF and National Union of Journalists.  

It says :

Dear Vince Cable,

Rupert Murdoch’s move to become 100% owner of BSkyB must undergo full and proper scrutiny.

We call on you to ensure that the purchase is thoroughly investigated by the proper regulators to test whether it is in the public’s interest. 



See more information Below


In solidarity






38 Degrees

The “Murdoch Inquiry Now” petition is growing fast – already 27,794 of us have signed. And we’ve just seen the strongest sign yet that we’re making a difference.
A few weeks ago, Rupert Murdoch was going full steam ahead with his plan to take 100% control of BSkyB. He’d gone public with the plans and he had the backing of BSkyB top brass. But it’s just emerged that he’s delayed making the next step.
For the deal to go ahead he needs to submit his plans to the European Commission. Last week there were rumours that Murdoch hadn’t done this. [1] We’ve just had that confirmed – Murdoch’s delayed submitting his takeover plans to Brussels. [2]
There’s been no public explanation. Only Murdoch himself and a few senior executives at News Corp will know exactly what’s going on. But it seems likely that our pressure has had an effect – Murdoch has decided to bide his time and hope we’ll go away.
He may be taking his time, but Murdoch still wants to extend his control of the UK media. People power is still our best bet for stopping him. We need to seize the opportunity of extra time to get more people involved and make even better plans. That way when Murdoch does make his next move, we’ll be ready to move even faster than him.
Please help make sure we use this delay to build the pressure against Murdoch. Forward this email to your friends and ask them to sign the petition by clicking here:
Together we’d made big plans for a massive push this week to convince Vince Cable to stand up to Murdoch and investigate the deal. Thousands of us chipped in to pay for ads at Vince’s train station and for copies of the petition to flood his office and go to every single MP.
We’ve had to pause these plans – Vince Cable can’t step in until after Murdoch submits his plans to Brussels. But once Murdoch takes his next step we’ll be ready to turn up the heat on Vince.
We’ll make sure a 38 Degrees volunteer is phoning the European Commission regularly to check whether Murdoch has submitted his plans yet. As soon as he does we’ll spring into action, making our case to Vince with an even bigger petition and even more powerful ads.
The more people we have involved, the bigger the petition we’ll have ready for Vince Cable when the time comes. Help grow the petition by forwarding this email and asking your friends to sign – they can do it in 1 minute by clicking here:
Thanks for being involved,
Hannah, David, Johnny and the 38 Degrees team
P.S. Now we’ve got more time to deliver the campaign, we’ve got more time get ideas for what the ads look like. Have you got an idea for an eye-catching advert to get Vince Cable’s attention? Or maybe even a draft design? Please share your ideas for adverts, and other creative tactics, here:
P.P.S Over the last few weeks tens of thousands of us have e-mailed our MPs after the Conservative Minister, Jeremy Hunt, announced plans to attack the BBC. We’ve compiled hundreds of the MP replies. Click here to see the replies and quickly and easily add yours: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/BBC-MP-Replies

[2] 38 Degrees has made a series of phone calls to the Department for Business (Vince’s department) and the European Commission and had confirmation that Murdoch hasn’t submitted his plans yet.

The bigger we are the more we can do. Please forward this email to your friends and ask them to get involved.
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