BRINGING THE ‘BLOOD LIBEL’ CHARGE UP TO DATE, it comes as no surprise that Zionist is looked upon as the focal point in the illegal organ trade. Time and time again, Zionist organ trade rings are uncovered and exposed.

In a recent article by former analyst with the US National Security Agency, Wayne Madsen, Zionist regime is shown to be the center of the global organ trade. Madsen reports that Chinese police discovered that a restaurant in the Shenzen province was an organ harvesting center with links to Zionism.

The center was operated with medical expertise from Turkish military surgeons who identified usable organs for Zionism. (Turkey and Zionist regime have a military alliance.) The Shenzen restaurant’s refrigerators were packed with human remains: limbs, spines, and heads which were boiled down and dumped into the sewer. Bones were crushed and likewise went down the sewer pipes. But the usable organs were packed off to ‘Israel’ and Saudi Arabia.

Who knows? Perhaps a dozen kidneys were sent to Rabbi Rosenbaum through his Zionist agents as well…

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