Zionist Mu-Barak: Can’t Take a Hint


Hosni Mu-Barak like so many with power, can’t give it up and certainly can’t take a hint, from the Egyptian people.
He is hoping the longer he holds on, that the greater the chance of the protests dissipating and him being able to fiddle the elections in September, as he and the ruling regime have done for decades.
I imagine that his stubbornness will only invigorate those that have sensed the taste of freedom, without the 30 years of his dictatorship and the emergency powers.
Hosni Mu-Barak is clearly worried that once he leaves the Presidency he’ll be fair game and liable for assassination, as often happens with dictators and despots, but there’s a broader picture here because in many ways he is a figurehead for a wider regime with corruption and repression embedded in it.
Those factors and the dire economic circumstances faced by so many Egyptians fuel the protests.
The sooner that the Egyptians are rid of Mu-Barak and his henchmen the better, the sooner ordinary Egyptians can live without the threat of jail, a beating or lifelong poverty the better.
Go Mu-Barak, go now.

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