Zionist King Abdullah to Syria’s Assad: If I were you, I’d resign

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Jordan Zionist Abdullah tells the BBC that Assad should respond to months-long protest against his regime and make sure his successor has the ‘ability to change the status quo’.

ed note–of all the sickening things to which one is subjected in following the news coming out of the middle East, by far the worst (outside of the human suffering of course) is the treachery within the leadership of the ‘Arab community’ when it comes to betraying their own. There is NO WAY IN HELL that Abdullah does not see the writing on the wall here viz a viz Syria and what is taking place with this Western backed ‘revolution’. He should know after he throws Assad to the alligators that eventually his turn will come ’round and it will be the very same forces doing to him what has happened in the countries around him.


Jordanian King Abdullah on Monday urged Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down on Monday in the wake of the months-long protest against his regime, the BBC reported.

“I believe, if I were in his shoes, I would step down,” Abdullah told the BBC.”I would step down and make sure whoever comes behind me has the ability to change the status-quo that we’re seeing.”

On Saturday, the Arab League suspended Syria and called on its army to stop killing civilians in a surprise move that turned up the head on Assad.

At a meeting in Cairo, the League said it will impose economic and political sanctions on Syria’s government and has appealed to member states to withdraw their ambassadors. It will also call a meeting of Syrian opposition parties.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al Muallem discussed the League’s decision during a press conference in Damascus on Monday. According to al Muallem, the decision “crosses red lines, and runs contrary to the regulations of the Arab League.”

The foreign minister also said that despite the Arab League’s claims, Syria responded to the League’s initiative and released 500 political prisoners, and allowed 80 foreign journalists to enter the country.

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