Left – Leon Trotsky’s protege Mark Potok fearmongers over the Tea Party and Patriot movements.
Jewish Attack Groups Threaten Tea Party

‘Jewish supremacists fear Tea Party patriots because they could vote out the Democrat majority at midterms and end easy victories for ADL’s pro-homosexual legislation’
 By Rev. Ted Pike — MP3
Last November, the Anti-Defamation League vilified millions of anti-Obama and Tea Party protestors as “conspirators”—part of an unruly, violence-prone movement paranoid about government. The Southern Poverty Law Center, like the Anti-Defamation League, is a 100% Jewish “civil liberties” group dedicated to crushing any sign of Christian, conservative renewal. A year ago, these groups tried to convince Missouri state police to profile patriotic Americans as potential domestic terrorists. Now, SPLC has released a new Intelligence Report and video claiming that potentially violent militia and extremist groups are “cross-pollinating” the Tea Party.
The Tea Party is “shot through with rich veins of radical ideas, conspiracy theories and racism,” says SPLC editor Mark Potok. He claims current anti-government rage is “a tinderbox…much like the white-hot period just before [the bombing by Timothy McVeigh in] Oklahoma City.” He says “many in law enforcement are very worried that all it is going to take is some kind of spark to set this thing off.” (If a spark does ignite violence or terrorism, it may well be provided by these very Jewish groups who claim to oppose violence. America’s radical secular Jewish community has a long record of defacing their own synagogues, burning crosses, and covertly distributing “hate” literature to fabricate proof that hate and anti-Semitism are rampant in heartland America.)
SPLC’s report, “Rage on the Right,” is not as extensive or derisive of the Tea Party movement as ADL’s earlier “Rage Grows in America: Anti-Government Conspiracies.” But it is a cannonball across the bow of the explosively growing Tea Party movement. It warns leaders not to let the whole truth about international Zionist control and conspiracy take root, or these super powerful Jewish muscle groups will use their influence to inflame Jewish media, the Congress and law enforcement against them. (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish)
ADL and SPLC want the Tea Party movement to obediently follow the Democrat and Republican parties down the garden path they blindly entered three-fourths of a century ago. They want the Tea Party to accept big Jewish money and advisement and promote Israel-first potential candidates, particularly Sarah Palin. As Israel’s attack dogs, ADL and SPLC specialize in keeping American conservatism in line. They are intent now on furthering a Tea Party platform that serves Israel and undermines America, favoring even more military intervention on behalf of Israel in the Mideast. Unfortunately, with 85 percent of Americans supporting Israel, their mission should be easily accomplished.
Unless lovers of the whole truth resist, leaders of the Tea Party from Glenn Beck down will cave to these powerful organizations and drive out original thought. Zionists can then co-opt the movement entirely.
At present, Jewish supremacists only fear Tea Party patriots because they could vote out the Democrat majority at midterms and end easy victories for ADL’s pro-homosexual legislation. But the Tea Party should aspire to make Jewish supremacists fear it for another reason: power to eventually forge a foreign policy that adamantly seeks American interests first. This policy would resist further enticement into war and loss of American lives to make the Mideast safe for Israel.
Saving the Tea Party
How can the Tea Party be rescued from inevitable Zionist takeover? Tea Party leaders and members must be educated. One of the best ways is for those who know the whole truth to join Tea Party chapters and begin to speak out. (Tea Party chapters in your area are listed at teapartypatriots.org.) Inform your local Tea Party members that Americans must have all the facts in order to win the war for national survival. If a soldier enters combat not even knowing who his enemy is, he will become a battlefield statistic.
This is the case with the Tea Party.
The fastest way to begin crucial enlightenment is for Tea Party patriots to view my 60-minute documentary, The Other Israel (Watch it here!). This fast-moving, information-packed film has been viewed by countless lovers of freedom worldwide. It tells the whole truth about the conspiracy of Jewish supremacism. While it spares nothing, it is so Biblically oriented, moderate and documented that another Jewish-dominated attack group, the American Civil Liberties Union, can’t fault it. When The Other Israel was the epicenter of a heated cable-access TV controversy in Fairfax, Virginia, the ACLU was called in to arbitrate. Its verdict? “The Other Israel is not anti-Semitic.”
SPLC is right that a wave of anger is building on the right and prompting many to advocate violent revolution. If this rage is not sublimated by constructive political and legislative protest, then acts of violence like last week’s attack by an anti-government gunman at the Pentagon will undoubtedly increase. This will strengthen ADL/SPLC’s demand that rights to speak freely and bear arms be further restricted. Jewish dominated media will also whip up public revulsion at anti-government “extremism” to a degree unseen since it extinguished a similar Goldwater conservative awakening in the early 1960s.
It is vital now, in the formation of this potentially powerful movement, for patriots to energetically take King Solomon’s advice: “In all your getting, get wi
 Article Source: Truthtellers.org

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