Zionist creates 'Obama' settlement, more obstacles for viable Palestinian state


Settlement named in honour of the US president forms part of an initiative aiming to Judaise Jerusalem



The east Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Zeev is seen behind a section of Zionist separation barrier (Photo: AP)


In a move that comes as gesture of deep gratitude, Zio-Nazi regime permitted an extreme rightwing Zionist association to name a new Zionist illegal settlement Obama. The building of illegal settlements makes the establishment of a connected Palestinian state an impossible task. 
Bulldozers started to pave the way for Zionist illegal settlement a day after Obama gave his speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual conference. The construction of the illegal settlement comes in the larger context of a Nazi-Judaisation project that aims to link Jerusalem to the illegal settlement of  Ma’ale Adumim, north east of Jerusalem.
The location of the Obama illegal settlement is along the main road that connects the West Bank’s northern and southern regions; a consequence of building Zionist illegal settlement would therefore be to separate those territories permanently.
In order to make concrete the reality of illegal settlement in these territories, the Zio-Nazi regime has decided to move its police headquarters next to the Obama illegal settlement.
Zionist radio reported that this step came to honour Obama’s positions in solidarity with Zionism which he disclosed to his audience at the AIPAC conference.
Zio-Nazi official sources mentioned that Zionist step comes in the framework of the strategy “Greater Jerusalem,” which aims to change the demographic nature of Jerusalem, raising the number of Zionist Jews to one million, a project put forth by former Nazi prime minister Ariel Sharon.

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