Zionist Brothers Obama and Cameron Vow Escalation of Libya War


Obama, Cameron Vow Escalation of Libya War

Meeting today in London, President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron once again insisted that the NATO war in Libya will continue until Moammar Gadhafi is ousted from office. They also added that the strikes against Libya will be escalated.
Reports from residents in Tripoli suggest that the strikes have already been escalated considerably. President Obama has vowed that NATO will never let up on the strikes until Gadhafi agrees to step down.
The number of strikes in Libya has been repeatedly escalated by NATO since the war began in March. Russia condemned the strikes, saying that NATO has now gone well beyond the UN resolution’s call for a “no-fly zone” and was engaged in regime change.
The House of Representatives also passed an amendment to an upcoming defense spending bill today, insisting that nothing within the bill is meant as an endorsement of the illegal war. President Obama was required under US law to get Congressional approval for the war within 60 days of the first strikes, but failed to do so.

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