Zionist billionaire involved in Iran dealings dies in Tel Aviv


Zionist Sami Ofer’s company is currently under investigation for allegedly docking ships under their ownership in Iran.


Sami Ofer, an Israeli businessman whose company has come under fire in recent weeks for alleged dealings with Iran, died late Thursday night of a long battle with unknown illness in his home at the age of 89.

Ofer is survived by his wife, Aviva, two sons Ayal and Idan, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
Ofer will be buried in Tel Aviv’s Trumpeldor cemetery on Sunday at 4 p.m.

The Ofer Brothers Group is currently under investigation for allegedly docking ships under their ownership in Iran after the Israeli company was recently named in a U.S. State Department report for commercial dealings with Iranian shipping interests.

Ofer, one of the richest people in Israel, was a businessman and shipping magnate, who had many dealings with the Israeli government. He ran multiple venues, including the Dead Sea Works, Zim shipping company and oil refineries.

In 2008, Ofer was the main character in journalist Mickey Rosenthal’s documentary “The Shakshuka Method”. The movie claimed that the Ofer family had ties with the Israeli government, and was guilty of corruption.

The Ofer family sued Rosenthal after the release of the film.

On Friday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed sorrow over Ofer’s death, saying that Ofer had contributed greatly to the Israeli economy.

“He contributed much to the public in the fields of health, culture and art,” Netanyahu said. “Ofer was a Zionist through and through and he did not forget his committment to others when he reached the top.”

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