10 September 2010

Gaza City , GAZA STRIP

The Zio=Nazi Gestapo carried out air strikes on three regions of the Gaza Strip late last night, as inhabitants were preparing to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr, the Mulim holiday marking the end the holy month of Ramadan that starts today. It constitute the second missile attack by Zio=Nazi’s on Gaza since negotiations resumed on 2 September 2010.

Just before 11PM (midnight Palestine time) last night (9 Sept. 2010) Zio=Nazi dropped two missiles on Gaza City, three on Rafah, one on Beit Hanoun and a further missile on Deir Al Balah, a second central Gaza location.

Following the Gaza City bombing, which witnesses on the scene said landed inches from the spot of a previous missile attack near Arafat’s Compound one month ago, only two slight injuries have been reported so far.

However in Rafah, in south Gaza , it is feared that there may be casualties as there are currently reports of missing persons, predominantly among men who work in the tunnels connecting the besieged Gaza Strip to Egypt . Zio=Nazi Jerusalem Post reported that Palestinian security forces had announced at least five injured.

As well as the missile dropped from the air on Beit Hanoun, in the north of the Gaza Strip, Zionist tank also fired six shells. The target was a military training site of the armed wing of Hamas.

There are also unconfirmed reports of missiles in Khan Younis.

At the time of writing, one hour after the attacks, war planes were still hovering over Gaza , and residents said they feared further attacks.


  • This is the second time war planes have dropped bombs on the Gaza Strip since ‘peace talks between the Zio=Nazi regime and puppet Ab-A$$ resumed on September 2nd.

  • The Rafah tunnels in South Gaza were also bombed on September 4th 2010 causing two deaths and two injuries.

  • On 30th July 2010 Zionist bombed Gaza City injuring seventeen people.

  • The militant wing of Hamas fired several Qassam rockets into the illegal Zionist state of ‘ Israel’ yesterday and today but no injuries resulted.

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