5:39 PM Israeli Time

הכפר עראקיב נהרס הבוקר בפעם השישית.

מאות שוטרים הגיעו לכפר הבדווי כדי להרוס שוב את המבנים הארעיים שנבנו מאז ההריסה הקודמת. הגב’ חיה נוח יושבת ראש הפורום לדו קיום בנגב ששהתה במקום יחד עם פעילים נוספים הוכתה על ידי שוטרים לאחר שביקשה מקצין המשטרה להציג בפני התושבים צו הריסה.

The unrecognized Bedouin village Al Arakib was demolished this morning by hundreds of police officers for the six time. Mrs. Haya Noah leader of the Forum for co-existence in the Negev , who stayed in the village together with other activists was severely hit by police officers following her request to see a court warrant.


At 7:15 PM Haya Noah was still being held, refusing to sign a statement that she would not return to the area.  The police are evidently trying to force her to.  You can help by phoning and demanding her unconditional release.  Phone calls from abroad can be even more effective than from here.  Phone 08 9913886—from abroad +972 8 991 3886.




The sole notice of the demolition that I have found in the Israeli press is the brief Ynet one from 9:36 this morning: 

09:36 , 10.13.10  Breaking News


    Bedouin village razed for 6th time

Israel Land Administration personnel are razing the unrecognized Bedouin village al-Arakib village, located near Rahat, for the sixth time in the past few weeks. (Ilana Curiel)

For information about unrecognized villages see:

Websites for information on Unrecognized Villages

The Association of Forty


“Unrecognized” Villages of the Naqab [‘Negev’ in Hebrew]


Regional Council of Unrecognized Villages [RCUV]


International Committee for Dar El Hanoun

[While most of the ‘unrecognized’ villages are in the Negev, there are exceptions.  Dar El Hanoun is one such. 

Please take time to read about the work camp in 2001.  I participated in it, and it was indeed an exhilarating and fulfilling experience. Unfortunately, we did not achieve the goal we’d hoped for: i.e., the end of Israeli harassment of and demolitions in Dar El Hanoun. 

Of course Israel wants the location minus its population.  The village sits on top of a hill, overlooking the sea (in the distance) to the west.  Lovely view.  Undoubtedly could be sold to developers for a nice sum. Dorothy] 


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