الجيش السوري يستعيد آبار نفط وغاز في ريف تدمر من المسلحين

Using new techniques and weapons, the Syrian Army appears unstoppable.  While I write this post, I have been told that units of the SAA are on their way to liberate Al-Raqqa.  I have written about this before, months ago, in fact, when a whole mechanized armored division was on its way to Al-Raqqa for the final battle only to be delayed and then diverted back to Aleppo to handle some Nusra campaign designed to keep the ISIS infestation in the spent and hapless eastern city.  With newly inaugurated units and militias now reaching 200,000 men and women, we have the manpower to accomplish all this.

Al-Salmaaniyya:  A unit of the SAA fought a battle with Nusra rodents and killed 3 while taking 8 prisoners.  The rats are becoming increasingly sloppy as most of their leaders either die, get captured or move to Australia.  The remant yokels are hardly capable of fighting a professional army like Syria’s.

Abu Al-Dhuhoor near the airbase:  There are a few hundred rodents left here and their numbers are quickly dropping due to defections and territorial disputes.  The siege of the base is over.  Now, the SAA is on the offensive.  Yesterday, a pack of rodents was annihilated as it carried a mother lode of weapons westward in a convoy of vans.  The area is still being assessed as I write.

East Sarja:  A nest of Al-Qaeda vultures was invaded by SAA and PDC (formerly NDF) and 10 of the terrorists were killed:

Yunus Mahmoud Sirhaan

Jalaal Zaki Muhammad

Hammood Shukri Al-Saafi

The other 7 were foreigners, 3 from Uzbekistan and 4 others from Chechnya.

Ma’arrat-Masreen:  This town has gone from one side to the other for the last 2 years.  The people want to be rid of American machinations and the scourge of Zionist-inspired Jihadism.  Yesterday, they came closer to riddance from the prehistoric savages belonging to Nusra when the SAA pushed into an area where the rats had stored ammunition underground and killed 23.  No names available.

Al-Raami in the Areehaa area:  A studied and perfectly executed attack on Nusra resulted in 4 rats taking the dumb waiter down to Mephisto’s Massage Parlor.  No names.

More fighting reported here:  Tal Salmu, Talab, ‘Ayn Al-Baarida, Al-Jaanoodiyya in the Jisr Al-Shughoor area.