Zio-Nazi Supermodel Bar Rafaeli shut out because of relationship with ‘Gentile actor’


Following Foreign Ministry’s announcement to use Israeli supermodel as official State presenter, Orthodox students say she ‘can’t represent us because of relationship with ‘gentile actor’

Can Bar Refaeli’s smile change the way Israel is perceived internationally? The Foreign Ministry sure thinks so, but haredi and religious students are demanding a “more Zionistic, respectable” representation.
The students decided to make their voices heard in light of the Foreign Ministry’s announcement to use the supermodel as the star of a campaign aimed at showing the world that Israel is not just a war-ridden country.
They drafted a letter in cooperation with the “The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel,” which has thus far been sent to Foreign Ministry Director-General Rafi Barak, until a minister is officially appointed.
“We know that Refaeli had a publicized relationship with a gentile actor,” said Eyal Cohen, a law student at the Ono Academic College’s haredi campus. “And in this way, she certainly doesn’t represent the Israeli public.”
Cohen’s friend, Gilad Israeli, a student at Bar Ilan University, said “Refaeli did not serve in the army and even takes pride in that. Before we offer ourselves up to the world, we need to decide who we are. We have much more to offer than girls playing matkot (Israeli paddleball) on the beach.
“We have a glorious Israeli heritage – in which we must take pride. Trying to be Hollywood 2 won’t work.”
Another student, Roni Stempler said “we need to demand much more from whoever represents us. There are models who did serve in the army. Noa Tishby is just as pretty, and who said that models are needed? Why not make Nobel Prize winners presenters? We don’t need to sell ourselves for a cheap price with the assistance of models.

IsraHell model Bar Refaeli blasted over Santa suit, called ‘traitor’

Photo posted by Israeli supermodel on her Instagram account angers many followers who rush to remind her she’s Jewish

ed note–let’s put this in some comparative perspective here.
Remember the photos of airhead Sarah Palin in Israel with the Star of David necklace? Had anyone–particularly someone with some prominence–blasted her for doing so,  calling her a ‘traitor’ and reminding her that she is a ‘Christian’ the ADL & co would be on them like stink on dog dirt.
But, when it is JEWS doing it–tsk, tsk, tsking one of their own for donning something that isn’t even (strictly speaking) religious in nature, that is ok. In fact, it is applauded because they are being ‘true’ to themselves.
Bar Refaeli has found herself in the center of yet another social media controversy, this time for fashioning a Santa suit.
Just a couple weeks ago, Refaeli posted a tweet wishing safety for “both sides” during the crisis in Gaza.
“I prey (sic) for the safety of the citizens on both sides and for the day we will live in peace and harmony Amen,” the supermodel wrote.
Many of her fans reacted to her posting by calling her “unpatriotic” and choosing to unfollow her.
On Wednesday, Refaeli posted a photo of herself wearing a Santa suit on her Instagram account, with a simple message saying “Good Morning Santa!”
No further explanation was provided, but given her facial expression, it’s safe to assume that she has a hangover, is drunk, or is exhausted from a photo shoot.
After posting the image, the Jewish model was inundated with comments from her fans in both English and Hebrew, with reminders that she’s Jewish, others hoping she finds God, and some going as far as to accuse her of “betraying Israel.”

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