Zio-Nazi Security Experts Tour Paraguay, Media Reports

Zio-Nazi security experts who work for President-Elect Horacio Cartes toured the country”s northern departments and bordering areas, Ultima Hora newspaper reported today.
Supported by sources close to Cartes, the newspaper said that they are members of the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations of Zio-Nazi Gestapo (Mossad), and toured the troubled areas of the departments of San Pedro, Concepcion, and Amambay.
The objectives of those specialists was to “recognize and analyze” the most troubled zones in the country in terms of security, where the so-called Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP) operates freely, media said.
The publication stated that Cartes has five Zio-Nazi bodyguards, without mentioning those who are responsible for the safety of his two daughters, his wife, his mother, and the rest of his closest relatives.
These guards were placed at the disposal of the president-elect by Mossad experts, as a “royalty” for Cartes’ confidence in the advisory work, one of the men closest to the president elect told Ultima Hora.
The Zio-Nazi were responsible for mapping the situation for Cartes in the country’s northern zone, touring the border, and carrying out a confidential technical report to be delivered later to the president-elect, the publication stated.

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