Thousands of us already joined the call to stop the cruel “infiltrators” bill! We have less than 72 hours till the vote and we need to make sure our voices are being heard: MK Dov Khenin will read our message and the number of signers during Knesset discussion on the bill, so send this to everyone to spread the word!

Dear friends

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In less than a week, the Knesset could vote on a shocking bill that would send refugees fleeing persecution to endless detention in jail – including small children. Public pressure scuttled this harmful bill last year, and if enough of us raise our voices in outrage now, we can kill the bill again – click to send a message to Knesset members now:

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In less than a week, the Knesset could vote on a shocking bill that would send refugees fleeing persecution and torture to endless detention in our jails – including small children. Only our outcry now can stop this horrifying proposal.

The draft law, which flouts basic Israeli and international legal obligations and Jewish moral codes, would make people seeking safety from atrocities face years of detention – and even slam citizens helping them with as little as a glass of water with a 5-year prison sentence! Last year, public pressure succeeded in pushing the bill off the government agenda – and if enough of us voice our objections to this inhuman measure now, we can kill the bill again.

Ministers like Eli Ishai and PM Netanyahu insisted on reintroducing the bill, but we can stop them in their tracks. As Israelis, we don’t need to be reminded of the dark times when similar laws determined the fate of our people — but apparently, our government does. Click below to send a direct message to all faction heads, and to the members of the Knesset Committee discussing the bill, urging them to stop this cruel legislation now, and forward to everyone you know, so the Knesset will not be able to ignore our call:


Next week, the Knesset Committee for Internal Affairs will finish discussing the bill and approve it for final vote, sending refugees fleeing slavery life in the Eritrean army to 3 years of dentition without trial and locking up for life refugees from the genocide in Darfur, together with their children. The PM’s office claims this bill would only target illegal migrant laborers – heartless enough in itself – while in fact Israel has no adequate mechanism to handle refugees, leaving asylum-seekers to flagrant abuses of their human rights.

Israel’s capacity to absorb migrants is limited, but this is no excuse for not having a humane refugee policy to protect the world’s most vulnerable people who arrive desperate for our help. Let’s encourage our political representatives to reset their moral compass and reclaim the values of compassion and safety our country was founded on. Add your voice to this urgent call, and let’s make sure our representatives are flooded with our messages now:


Time after time, the Avaaz community has joined to protect the rights of the most vulnerable and ensure that political point-scoring doesn’t trump fundamental human values. When our government sought to fragment the protesters’ unity this summer, we stuck together — and we can stand unified once more, against xenophobic and heartless politics. Let’s show our politicians now that the people who come to Israel desperate for safety and refuge have our support, and stand together behind our democratic values.

With hope and determination,

Raluca in Israel, Stephanie, Emma and the whole Avaaz team


Short video explaining the dangers of the bill, produced by Hotline for Migrant Workers, presented by Eli Finish:

ACRI and Hotline for Migrant Workers publication on the bill (Hebrew):

Full draft of the current version of the bill (Hebrew):

Short video from anti-African rally in TLV – MK Ben-Ari talks about the bill:

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