Zio-Nazi Organ Theft: A$$i$ting Syrian Refugee$ in Jordan



Zio-Nazi Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara reveals for first time that Zio-Nazi regime representatives are working in Jordan on aiding injured Syrians who escaped the Assad regime

ed note–if indeed all that I$rael is doing here is ‘assisting’ those who have been injured, as Kara alleges, why all the secrecy?
The reason for this is obvious–I$rael is there not to assist the injured, but rather to assist in fomenting a civil war.  
Israeli officials are present in Jordan working to assist Syrian refugees, Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara revealed on Thursday.
Speaking at a conference in Jerusalem, Kara said that he had “representatives” in Jordan who were making efforts to assist children and infants who have been injured in the Syrian military’s ongoing violent crackdown throughout Syria.
Kara, a Druse member of the Likud Party, said that one of the people he has sent to Jordan was his bureau chief, who was working alongside representatives from Israeli humanitarian organizations.
“They are in Jordan trying to help people who have been hurt in Syria,” he told The Jerusalem Post, confirming that the representatives he was referring to were Israeli citizens.
“They are there as part of the international assistance [to Syria] and not in the framework of the regime or government,” he said, adding that the focus now was on trying to get medicine and medical treatment to children and infants who have been injured in Syria.

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