Zio-Nazi Major ordered Palestinian run over

Two Nazi officers indicted Sunday, for  ordering soldier to hit Palestinian with jeep

Nazi major was indicted Sunday on charges of overstepping authority and putting a life at risk by ordering a soldier to run over a 20-year old Palestinian with an army jeep.

In another case, Nazi lieutenant and infantry commander was indicted on charges of vandalism with malicious intent for torching Palestinian vehicles with his soldiers.

The first case reportedly occurred in 2008 during a chase after Palestinians who had constructed a barrier of stones on a road near Qalqilya.

The military prosecution said the Palestinian suffered injuries to his face and that there had been no call to hit him with a vehicle. The investigation was lengthy, and the prosecution decided only recently to try the senior officer.

The second case was said to occur in 2009, during a military operation in Mount Hebron. The prosecution says it has decided not to try the soldiers allegedly involved, but rather only their Nazi commanding officer.

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