Zio-Nazi is the World’s Largest Terrorist Organization: Joe Cortina


by Kourosh Ziabari

Captain Joe Cortina

Captain Joe Cortina is a former airborne special operations officer and U.S. Army Training Center commander. He subsequently embarked on missions as intelligence investigator and anti-terrorist advisor and traveled to different countries in the Middle East and Central America. His visit to Israel was an opportunity for him to realize the anti-American atmosphere governing the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the feeling of resentment and antipathy the Israeli citizens have toward the United States despite the all-out military, financial and political support and backing which Washington offers to Tel Aviv.
Joe Cortina attended the University of Miami, University of Tampa Spring Hill College and Florida Southern College and holds degrees in physics, biology and chemistry.
Cortina has strong anti-Israeli views and believes that the Israel Defense Force is the largest terrorist organization in the contemporary world. He believes that Israelis are the main reason for the political and economic problems the United States suffers from.
What follows is the text of interview with Joe Cortina with whom we have talked on a number of issues, including his viewpoints regarding the policies and actions of Israel, his firsthand experiences in the Occupied Territories, the impact of Arab Spring on the political status of Israel and the recent social crisis in Tel Aviv.
Q: Joe; as a former airborne special operations commander with a remarkable experience in intelligence affairs, you have had the opportunity to visit some of the Palestinian territories and lands Israel occupies. What was your first impression upon visiting those areas? What’s your analysis of the Israelis’ treatment of the Palestinian people?
A: The poverty of the people obviously forced to live in what was for all intents and purposes an enormous outdoor prison run by sadist monsters and sociopaths was heartbreaking. I have been in more than a few impoverished nations but the combination of the struggle of everyday life coupled with the fact that these good people were occupied by the largest most barbaric brutal terrorist organization on earth was heartbreaking. Soldiers would beat and humiliate old women children and other defenseless civilians with a rage and brutality unparalleled in my experiences with terrorists in Nicaragua and El Salvador. The wanton murder of children was one of the crimes that will burn in my mind forever. Remember these brave people have their backs to the sea with no place to escape Israeli brutality

Besieged Palestinian children

Worth adding- is the fact that every dollar for every bullet that murders every Palestinian child is bought and paid for by American taxes! Every white phosphorous bomb that burns the flesh off little children in their own yards, every rocket, every plane that carries that rocket into the side of a school building or a hospital ambulance is a gift from my countrymen- I am ashamed to say. Even the Jew driven Caterpillar bulldozer that smashed the life out of wonderful caring young girl named Rachel Corrie was a gift of death ‘from America with hate’ for anyone who would stand up for some poor Palestinian farming family – be they Christian or Muslim.
What hypocrisy. We claim to be a Christian Nation – yet – in the very name of Christ – two out of every ten Palestinians that we are accomplices to the murder of – are also Christians.
Among knowledgeable intelligence people – the so called IDF – is correctly termed: ‘world’s largest institutionalized terrorist organization’. I know something of real terrorism and have had unique experience working with the heads of state of friendly foreign nations who requested my assistance and skills as an advisor on counterterrorism.
I have observed legitimate military organizations as well as terrorist groups in other nations and the IDF fulfills the most stringent description to a terrorist. They attack and murder innocent civilians, murder public officials as well as news media personnel, attack medical facilities, bomb and destroy homes and businesses, target helpless civilians especially defenseless children and infants schools churches and mosques.
Been there seen that – yet should I or any humanitarian attempt to share these ugly truths with my own people, the influence of the evil Israelis is such that even in our churches, the truth is banned and censured. Should your readers still believe that myth that America is a nation built on free speech, I could never tell these same truths to a school or church inside my own country.
This is testimony of how much the Jews fear the truth in what used to be the United States of America. I have more than one friend whose lives and families have been threatened by these Godless criminal psychopaths. What a disgrace to America. Think about it. You will publish these truths and yet your culture is slandered as repressive while my own nation which I have served in its elite, with honor love devotion and respect, censures me.
I witnessed such brutalities against God’s most helpless creations that had these criminals been under my command I would have shot them dead on the spot as war criminals and to save lives of the innocent and defenseless. In short these people were the most ruthless brutal, sadistic sociopaths I have ever witnessed, including FMLN terrorists of El Salvador. They took an obvious sadistic enjoyment in torturing, maiming, killing and humiliating the helpless that I have never witnessed elsewhere. Their cowardice was unconscionably evil and demonic.

Israel’s American spy, Jonathan Pollard

Q: In one of your notes, you had mentioned that “anti-American” anti-Christian graffiti were prevalently seen in the streets of Israel as well as the commendation of Jonathan Pollard whom the American people consider a traitor. Would you please explain more about Israel’s treason to the United States? The U.S. has always been a staunch supporter, financer and patronage of Israel. How come Israel has betrayed the United States, at least culturally?
A: The traitor spy Jonathon Pollard is a folk-hero in Israel. The graffiti was legion in smaller towns that are not frequented by naive gullible American ‘tourists.’ Tel Aviv is the Jew version of the Soviet Potemkin Village deception, always sanitized so as not to show Americans the truth about how they and America are despised.
When Jew shill newspaperman Walter Durante was given a tour of the USSR and Ukraine, all the visited villages were given a complete sanitizing of any terrorizing and ethnic cleansing of the Kulak farm owners who had systematically been murdered by the millions.
The result was of course history. Durante was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his lies about the wonderful treatment of the people by the monster Stalin and his all secret police who murdered some 15 million Ukrainian farmers.
The same lies are perpetrated daily in Israel with Tel Aviv as the showcased city of ‘American Christian loving Jews.’ Pollard, the most injurious traitor in American history is not just considered okay with the Jews. He is an urban legend there! He is their national hero as was obvious by endless graffiti with anti American slogans and pro- Pollard slogans.
How come? Treason is an Israeli thing. At about two percent of the population in the USA – over 90% of the convicted spies in America have been Jews including one Congressman! Here is a comment by a prominent Jew leader of what they really say behind our backs

My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.”

— Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former Israel Prime Minister
The Jews there hold America and Americans in total contempt and ridicule, especially because of our Christian heritage, our founding Fathers and our Christian based Constitution.
Here is yet another example of the mockery arrogance and ridicule the Israeli leaders have for America and our leaders. Unfortunately in this case, he is not lying as Israelis usually do:

I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.”

– Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3rd, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.
Here is a typical incident of the type I experienced personally or frequently heard of while there.
At one of the many roadblocks, usually manned by a small IDF military unit, we stopped our armored vehicle just long enough for the CIA to ‘inspect’ the situation.
I got outside and overheard 2 of these young soldiers speaking. Much to my surprise, they had Brooklyn accents! I asked them where they were from, and they answered New York. Apparently they had left the States to serve a foreign power – remember – these were American citizens, who just happened to be Jews.
Puzzled at this bizarre reply, I decided to give benefit of doubt and responded with something like: “Boy, you guys are really something ¬ having served the military of our country; remember, they were American citizens, and then investing your time in a ‘feeling for duty’ to Israel”.
They answered proudly and without hesitation: “Oh no – we haven’t served in the United States military – there’s no way.” Then they both broke out in a cynical almost convulsive mocking laughter. So if there is any doubt where their loyalties lie; consider their unabashed answer of contemptuous scorn for the notion of patriotically serving in uniform for America.
I can’t think of any male American citizen who would sneer at serving the United States but willingly owed their loyalties to say Italy, or Greece or Ireland, or France or Germany, just because his ancestors were of that ethnic group. And if one such person voiced such an opinion, you can imagine what people would think of him. But of course, apparently if you are Jewish, such odious and openly proud mockery of love of this country is acceptable conduct. I observed this disgusting phenomenon everywhere there and not only with the IDF. So much for the loyalty of the average American Jew to America.

Q: The U.S. mainstream media, as you once indicated, don’t give realistic coverage to the plight of the Palestinian nation under the Israeli suppression and occupation. What’s the reason? Will the media feel threatened if they sound critical of Israel? Are there certain political lobbies which influence the U.S. media?
A: The reason is quite obvious to any thinking American citizen. Jews have total control of all mainstream news media from newspapers to periodicals to television; what I call Talmudvision. As for feeling threatened to speak the truth, you must understand that all of these news people writers news anchors producers journalists are either Jews or Jew loyal. One example, Fox news for instance is owned by the Jew Rupert Murdock
There are literally hundreds of Jewish lobbies in America; all seditious, all violent, all treasonous, all working as parasites for the betterment of their tribe and to the peril of the American people. The ADL, AIPAC, JDL and SPLC are examples.
You speak of lobbies which influence U.S. media. I believe this needs clarification. The U.S. media is already virtually 100% Jewish! They need no ‘lobbies’ to support them and they are all controlled by Jews in America.
A fact: six Jewish companies control over 96% of the entire world’s entertainment and news media. It would take a hundred single spaced pages of small print to list them all!
Here are a very few examples of the endless list of debris that Godless Israelis use to destroy the wholesomeness goodness innocence and decency of our children 24-7 and I haven’t even included their violent video games: New World Entertainment – Ron Pearlman, Dream Works -Steven Spielberg, Viacom – Sumner Redstone [Murray Rothstein], CBS – Lawrence Tisch, Sony Entertainment – Michael Schulhof, Warner Music & Warner vision – Danny Goldberg & Stuart Hearsch, Time Warner Publishing – Norman Pearlstine, Disney Pictures – Joe Roth and Miramax – Weinstein Brothers!
Q: You have had the experience of visiting Israel in person. How has been the treatment of Palestinian children and women by Israelis? I don’t have a pre-disposition, but from your articles, I can understand that the Israeli soldiers behave toward the Palestinian children and women quite brutally. Is that right?
A: I had substantial experience observing the treatment of Palestinian children by the IDF and it was always brutal, barbaric, cruel, dehumanizing and often ended in outright cold-blooded murder. The average American simply either never gets to see or hear of these war crimes against children or doesn’t believe anybody could be that sadistic or, sadly, they just don’t consider a Palestinian’s life is worth anything as they have been infected with the Israeli mentality that these children and all Arab people in general are nothing more than “cockroaches,” “sand-niggers,” “camel-jockeys” and “rag -heads”

As a result of the 64-year Israeli occupation, Palestinian citizens live in a constant state of trepidation and apprehension

These vicious, cruel, senseless, dehumanizing, demeaning terms are used by the highest echelons of our corrupt Godless military by ambitious sociopathic war criminals like General McChrystal and his replacement General Petraeus, both scum of the earth. As a former company commander I can tell you that troops use racial slurs with impunity only with full approval of their superiors. What I and my brother officers would have considered as unconscionable, barbaric, racist and filth fifty years ago, has become common fare in the military today, I am sad to say.
One incident burned in my mind in particular, not only for the barbarity and cruelty of the act in itself, but because of the frequency of these child murders as attested to me personally by CIA officials I was in the company of that day, who had witnessed such horrors as routine frequent and all in cold-blood just for meanness.
In Gaza City outskirts our IDF jeep escort suddenly came to a screeching halt and a soldier with an FNFAL jumped out and ran to the close by roadside to confront his threat and nemesis, a half naked 5 year old child, standing by the roadside with tears streaming down his dusty cheeks, standing defiantly against the fifth most powerful military in the world, arms raised high, brandishing his threatening weapon, an egg sized pebble.
This ‘terrorist’ I was later told, was probably an orphan who had witnessed his home bulldozed to rubble, his olive trees uprooted , his sister raped and his parents murdered by IDF terrorists. There he stood trembling but defiant, knowing he would be dead in a matter of seconds. The ‘brave’ Israeli drew his weapon down to an aiming position just as I leaped our of our embassy vehicle, raced to within a few feet of the Jew and aimed my camera at the would be murderer and screamed that he had better kill all of us if he murdered that child as I would show the pictures to the entire free world press.
He gave me a dirty look, uncocked his rifle, rose to his feet and returned to his jeep. I breathed a sigh of relief and returned to the CIA vehicle. Inside when we got under way, one of operatives seated next to me said, “You know you just saved that kid’s life!” Before I could even gather my wits to respond, a second member of the troop commented that, “Yes, but so what? That kid won’t live to see the end of the week. They shoot them like rats here in their own land”. Nobody else spoke for sometime and I never forgot the message of the incident.
The Israelis there knew no bounds to their cruelty, whether murdering journalists or baby children; the more vicious and sadistic the act the better they liked it. One particularly savage twist to murdering children was to allow the snipers to take with them vicious hungry attack dogs. For their amusement, these sick people would shoot the child and then turn the dogs loose while the bereaved, horrified parents, friends and relatives would try in vain to recover the body of their precious child before it was eaten. This of course added an additional perverted twist to the murder of the helpless child as the snipers then shot the parents of the child as they attempted to reach their baby.
These incidents were well documented by international human rights groups, physicians and eye witnesses. Try as I might; no Jew-controlled American newspaper would carry the story as it would be an embarrassment to our fine brave moral Israeli allies and besides. It was not as important in the eyes of most Americans as the all important NFL Super Bowl ‘games’. Look up the definition of ‘games’: diversions for children. Thus so is the priority of the American people today.
The Jew IDF has also frequently used children tied up on their military vehicles to be used as human shields. I witnessed this cowardly act at least once. Their level of cowardice of these Jews made me sick to my stomach!
Perhaps the most vile and reprehensible acts commonly committed by the IDF was the practice of murdering a pregnant Palestinian mother by shooting her through her belly in such a way as to murder the unborn child as well. It was such a common occurrence that these brave moral soldiers would wear special T-shirts that would show the Mother with a sniper’s crosshairs over her stomach with the caption: “ONE SHOT- TWO KILLS”. Once again – these things cannot happen in any civilized nation’s military without express permission and approval of the authorities.
Had I approved of my men doing such a vile reprehensible act years ago, I would have been relieved of my command – court marshaled – and dishonorably discharged and righteously so! But as I stated before, the IDF is an oppressive terrorist organization, not a civilized military for the defense of a nation against aggressors. They convict themselves by their own actions. They are the only modern military on earth that has ever disgraced themselves in such an abominable fashion. That is a fact!
I could write volumes regarding the atrocities of the Israeli IDF against civilians, all well documented and corroborated, but hopefully the few examples I have presented will give testimony to the criminal and demonic nature of these monsters.
Q: Do you consider Israel as one of the impediments to the betterment and improvement of Iran-U.S. relations? Iran has always complained that the United States supports Israel’s occupation of Palestine, covers up Tel Aviv’s nuclear program and uses Israel as a pretext to launch wars. Can we foresee the rapprochement of Iran and the United States with the presence of Israel?
A: Israel is not just “one of the impediments;” it is the only impediment to good relationships. As a patriot, father, journalist, veteran, former diplomat and contributor to the betterment of my nation, I and all rational, morally responsible, educated Americans I know consider Iran a friend whose sovereignty we respect.

Joe Cortina believes that the Americans respect Iran’s right of sovereignty. Israel has been repeatedly threatening Iran with a possible military strike

Iran is quite correct that the United States is a monumental hypocrite for supporting a stolen terrorist rogue state whose history is a seamless series of unprovoked terrorist activities against the indigenous people.
As to the reconciliation of Iran, which has committed no offense against the U.S. in any way, shape or form, and the United States, which is today an occupied nation and nothing more than Israel’s whore and attack dog, I should say that will never happen as long as the rogue criminal war mongering State of Israel exists
Q: The United States has targeted Iran with economic embargoes, UN Security Council resolutions, an intensive media campaign and has sporadically talked of the possibility of a military strike against Iran. What’s your analysis of these threats? Can Washington bring Tehran to its knees by these ploys, especially through paralyzing Iran’s economy?
A: I believe the threats are as real as they are unfounded. The notion that we are somehow privileged to play God on who can and cannot have the benefits of nuclear power is an arrogance that I find personally offensive. We are the only nation to use atomic weaponry, and we used it to murder hundred of thousands of defenseless civilians in an already defeated nation. How courageous we were. Even more offensive to any rational person is the idea that we should call a country which was based upon terrorism of the worst kind; stolen from its previous rightful owners and is the only country on earth who has committed an act of war against America and the American people by purest definition, that is, the massacre of American sailors on the USS Liberty on the high seas.

Additionally the Israelis are the most immoral people on earth whose vile, wicked crimes against humanity and God Himself are legion, documented and endless! An attack against the sovereign nation of Iran will lead to WWIII and the possible end of civilization as we know it.

Another senseless war for the greater glory of Israel will only further polarize America, further weaken our already Jew decimated economy and make our once loved and respected nation the most hated people on earth. I owe my children and grandchildren my uncompromised effort to restore and secure world peace which is the exact opposite of the goal of the Jews.
My guess is that the Iranian people have the grit and determination to withstand any and all embargos we would be foolish enough to do the Israelis bidding for. All of this is solely about the ambitions of the Parasite State of Israel and its demonic dream of an ‘Ertz Israel’ to dominate the world. The Jew has already occupied and destroyed Russia, Germany and now my own country which is totally occupied by Jew money, influence, terror and extortion. They not only economically destroyed these nations, but have made them essentially atheist.
Lest we Gentiles and Arabs alike forget who has been responsible for more death and destruction than all other entities throughout history. It has been the Zionists and their invention, communism. Two world wars, half the world enslaved by communism and now Communism’s inseparable ally, Zionism are both manifestations of the Devil.

Q: What’s your idea on the revolutionary wave which has encompassed the Middle East since early 2011? Will the Arab Spring have influences on and implications for Israel? Will the empowerment of Islamic parties in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt have a negative impact on Israel’s security?
A: Here I am departing from things I know as truths from study travel and personal experience. I can only hope that my logical conclusions are correct. I was witness to part of the First Intifada, which I and others consider the same message as the Arab Spring: both seeking human rights, dignity and freedom for Arab people. That little child whose life I apparently saved on that hot dusty street in Gaza was the embodiment of the whole thing as I saw it. No sane human being wants war!
The only people I have seen in my life who thrive on wars and the misery it brings are Jews. On that issue, I know much the Israelis do not want peace. They want war! Want to know why? Because stupid goy will always be there to do their fighting for them. WWII? The Germans didn’t want war. Name one act of war against America by the Germans committed before we waged war against them. It doesn’t exist; yet every American school child somehow believes the lie that we were attacked by Germany. I am also a historian and specialist in the realm of Atlantic warfare, before as well as after we entered.
All of the offensive provocations at sea were committed by U.S., and not the Germans. That is not my opinion and I can prove it if necessary. Once again who profited most by WWII? Of course the Jews. I noticed that anywhere we fought Communists, Jews were glaringly absent from the military. I personally trained over a thousand young warriors during Vietnam, the Berlin Crisis and the Cuban Crisis period. Guess how many of the Jews were involved? None Not even one Jew did I see in uniform.
As to the question of Israeli security, the Jews will be as secure as they really want to be. If they stop murdering, robbing, torturing, humiliating and destroying Arabs and their property, then there will be no reason for them to fear reprisals for justice. If your family sends thugs to brutalize or murder my children, I will go to your family and kill everyone including your cats and dogs. If you do not needlessly harm my family, I will not have any reason to attack you. It is just that simple.
What all Arab people need to do is to put aside petty squabbles and unite for a common moral cause. Of course we are now your enemy, not in my mind but because the Jews who run my country say so. You are not my enemy. My enemy are the Jews but my people are too stupid or to complacent to understand that fact. You people need to all come together, call it what you like; Jihad, Intifada, al-Thawrāt al-Arabiyyah, but be resolved in your goal, keep free and defend your families form Jew aggression, and if dirt rich oil Arab Sheiks do not also make the commitment, they are not ‘your’ people. I know; we have the same problem here.
Q: The Arab Spring started quite promptly, unexpectedly. A street vendor set himself ablaze in protest at the mistreatment he had suffered by the police, and the street protests began, which consequently changed the whole Arab world. Could Israel and the United States evade the negative consequences of Arab Spring? What will be their strategy to counter its possible effects?
A: Does it really matter if it is a fruit peddler who is abused or a parent who has watched their child murdered? Should not All Arab people share the pain of indignities, humiliations, theft, beatings and murders of innocents at the hand of the Israelis, or sadly in this case, at the hands of their allies like the British, for whom I have nothing but resentment for reasons that could fill a book, or Americans, who are as guilty as anyone else.
We are taught from childhood that there are consequences for our actions; were we not? I have fought as well as I could for justice to the Arab people for many years of my adult life, so my conscience does not burden me with the sins of my countrymen. I have preached the truth, even as I do now, to all who have the wisdom to recognize it. I have encouraged my own people to embrace the enemies of our enemy; the Jews as they would their brothers. It is a difficult task at best.
You see, as a moral Christian person, I see no “negative” consequences of a people who wish freedom and dignity for themselves and their families, in this case, your people. My country’s Founding Fathers believed exactly as I do and you do. It is only the perversions of Jew influence that has poisoned my people’s minds. Perhaps it may be to your surprise but many of our Founding Fathers warned us centuries ago of the evils of the Jews.

Consider this ominous council of George Washington: “The Jews work more effective against us than the enemy’s armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in. It is much to be lamented that each State, long ago, has not hunted them down as pests to society and the greatest enemies we have, to the happiness of America,” From the Maxims of George Washington by AA Appleton.

A quotation from another Famous Founding Father Benjamin Franklin: “If you do not exclude them from these United States in this Constitution, in less than two hundred years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, or substance, and jeopardized our liberty,” From notes gathered at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention of 1787
Sadly, good readers and friends of freedom, the above predictions have already morally and economically destroyed my country
And finally with your permission may I quote form your sacred book, the wisdom of yet another world famous figure: “Whoever is a friend of the Jew, belongs to them, becomes one of them, God cannot tolerate this mean people. The Jews have wandered away from divine religion. They are usurpers. You must not relent in your work which must show up Jewish deceit,” The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in the Koran.
The strategy of my corrupt occupied country will probably be another false flag disaster, designed to profane and slander Arab people. It will be done by the joint effort of the Mossad and the White House, of that you can be sure!

Q: And finally, what do you think regarding the recent uprisings in the Occupied Territories, marked by the self-immolation of four Israeli men who set themselves on fire to contest the growing social inequality and rising cost of living in the country. What’s your take on that?
A: Well; there wasn’t a lot of info on the events but I did read what was to be his suicide note. Before I read anything I was of course somewhat shocked as it was Israeli Jews who had burned themselves to death and not some bereaved widow who had witnessed her husband and children murdered by these same animals and had nothing to live for but being imprisoned by her Jew neighbors for the rest of her life. The man, Moshe Silman, was not a good man to begin with. He was been one of the IDF thugs responsible for countless deaths and suffering of the Palestinians.
My first reaction was good riddance: one less evil Jew. Then I thought, perhaps he had seen the light and could no longer live with his guilt of causing so much innocent human suffering of completely innocent civilians. I mean, after all, even Judas repented for his treason, and he is the only Jew I have ever actually read documented proof of being remorseful, but after I read the suicide note, I realized this was nothing more than a typical, self-serving, whiny Israeli.
His ostensibly last formal thoughts on earth were not repentance or guilt or compassion for the real suffering of his fellow man. My take? Here is another self centered Israeli whose concerns were money and not being treated well. He damned war criminal Netanyahu. Did he curse him for the horrors he had committed in the name of his fellow compatriots? No; that would be too noble. He was apparently angry because he didn’t get well treated after doing his duty murdering Palestinian children. He spoke of large sums of money he had paid, so he had earned lots of money somewhere.
I wonder if he ever thought that he lived a hundred times better than the poor Palestinians he starved, beat, humiliated and murdered. I will stay with my first reaction. He just got a dose of what he had been handing out for so long. Perhaps a few hundred thousand more Israelis should follow his example, and make the world a safer place for human beings. I kept looking for the “thank you” for the thousands of tax dollars I have been forced to give him and other Israeli reptiles over the years; the money I could have given my own family.
In closing, I hope that that my Iranian friends have gained some insight into the problems we have in my country and that there still are many of us here who do not bear any ill will towards Iran as there is no rational reason to. We are the educated, informed, moral people of my country and even though we may now be in the minority because of mass ignorance here, we do know who the real enemy is, and long for our own freedom from his occupation. The true Christian is all but ‘extinct’ in America, long since infiltrated and infected with the most fatal disease mankind has ever encountered: Judaism. Even the Pope who I was taught was ‘infallible’ since childhood has become an evil man, poisoned by the Jews. He is now a hypocrite and the enemy of truth!
We true Christians love our Muslim brothers as ourselves, and we are persecuted for it by our own people.
The overall arch enemy here of all my people? Mass ignorance! The Israeli is only the opportunist who knows how naive and gullible our people are, so we are easily led to drink from his shiny seductive cup of poison.
The Israeli was, is and always will be a parasite that takes it’s sustenance by sucking the life blood from it’s host victim until there is nothing left but a desiccated morally rotted corpse, a shell of what we once were. Only a fool would befriend and trust an Israeli. The reason that these wicked, demonic people hate our Founding Fathers is because they knew the truth, and tried to warn us, almost two hundred and fifty years ago!

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