Zio-Nazi Illegal Organ Harvesting Continues: Kosovo Organ Trade

It has been well over a year now since the first reports came forward out of New Jersey, USA, that Zionist Jewish criminals were involved in the inhumane and immoral practice of obtaining and trading human organs.   This revelation was appalling and opened a floodgate of followup information that first came out of Sweden, and then out of the Palestinian territories, that this immoral practice has been going on for decades.   However, thanks to the Zionist Jewish control over the media, any further news of this disgusting practice was soon either suppressed, or totally covered up.  This very important news quietly disappeared out of the headlines…Until now!

The fact is that the news of this immoral practice of human organ trafficking may have disappeared, but this disgusting practice was never ended.    Now comes some important news from PressTV at www.presstv.ir, where it seems that news is coming out of Kosovo that Israel is involved in the illegal and immoral human organ trade in that country!   Here is that article:

‘Israel involved in Kosovo organ trade’

European Union Prosecutor Jonathan Ratel, file photo
A European Union prosecutor who says Israel has been trading with an elaborate organ trafficking network in Kosovo has brought the case to Pristina District Court, a report says.

Jonathan Ratel, who serves in Kosovo as part of the EU’s rule of law mission, has announced that the seven suspected Kosovons working as physicians for a clinic called Medicus in the capital, Pristina, belong to an international network that trades in the organs of people suffering from extreme poverty, the Associated Press reported.

The donors were from Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey and were enticed with the false promise of payments as much as 20 thousand dollars. However, they never got any money.

There are also charges pressed against an Israeli individual and a Turkish doctor who have not been arrested yet.

The organs were illegally removed from the victims and transplanted into rich recipients most of whom were from Israel, Canada, Germany and Poland.

Among the suspects are some of Kosovo’s most famous doctors. One of them used to be permanent secretary of health and gave the clinic a false license. Also Dr Lutfi Dervishi, a university professor, who is said to be the ringleader of the group, set up the operations.

Police were alerted to the network in November 2008, when a Turkish man, Yilmaz Altun, appeared exhausted at Pristina airport while waiting to board a flight home. When questioned by police, he said he had donated his kidney to an Israeli recipient. Kosovo law forbids the removal and transplant of organs.

The Council of Europe has launched a probe into the issue and its report will be released to the public in France on Thursday.

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