So what else is new? Ok, I know a zio ethnic cleanser in London is nothing new but this one is in the act of ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem right now and still he’s welcome in certain quarters in the UK. This guy is so despicable that even the Palestine Solidarity Campaign realises it:

URGENT ACTION: Protest against Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, 22nd March, 5pm, London
Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem behind the announcement of 1,600 new settlement units in East Jerusalem, will be visiting London early next week. A total of 50,000 housing units have been planned in the coming years – doubling the settler population – and reducing the Palestinian population to a third.
He will be speaking at Chatham House (10 St James’s Square, London SW1Y 4LE). Come along and protest against the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from East Jerusalem.
Opinion: Gideon Levy writes ‘thank you, Eli Yishai, for exposing the peace process masquera

Urgent action? Yes, it is an urgent action. So what was PSC thinking of burying the news on a page with maybe twenty other “hot news” items.

See: www.jewssansfontieres.blogspot.com 

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