Zio-Nazi Dayan: The two-state solution is a mirage




Former Nazi settler council head says Naziyahu paying lip-service to two state solution, says annexation of the illegally occupied West Bank “natural outcome.”

ed note–this is something that we have reiterated many times on this website and which bears repeating again–The Jews are NOT interested in ‘peace’ with the Arabs or anyone else. Their religion/culture/ideology demands that they take over the whole of the Middle East from the Nile to the Euphrates. The ’2 state’ solution has been nothing but a ploy on the part of Israel to buy time and create the appearance that they are a reasonable, civilized nation rather than what they really are–a gang of rapacious, violent thieves.

Dani Dayan, former head of the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip on Friday said the two-state solution “never existed.”
Speaking to Stephen Sackur on the BBC news show “Hardtalk,” Dayan said the views of the ultra-Right are “quite realistic, as Israel is beginning to understand that the two-state solution never existed, it was a mirage…you get closer to it, you reveal that it was just hot air.”

Continuing, Dayan blamed the failure not on Israel, or the settlers, but on the “refusal of the Palestinians to accept it.”

Explaining his endorsement of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu over Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett, Dayan stated: “Elections are not a beauty pageant,” citing the statesman like qualities of the prime minister and his strong image abroad.
“Politics is the art of the impossible,” Dayan articulated. “In an election, you have to choose the party you identify with most…I really don’t know if Netanyahu means it [to push for a two-state solution] or it is tactical.”
He added that he liked much of Netanyahu’s settlement construction plans, in spite of the 2009 Bar-Ilan speech in which the prime minister famously adopted the two-state solution. In the speech, Netanyahu accepted the two-state solution to the Palestinian conflict after campaigning on a platform of “economic peace.”
“I see a political attitude towards the Palestinians that I admire,” Dayan said.
When pushed on the discriminatory comments made by Likudniks in recent times against Palestinians, Dayan said such remarks were “an exception to the rule….I am not voting for these quotes, but for a prime minister who will safeguard Israel’s interest.”
“Netanyahu is beginning to understand…there is not going to be a two-state solution.”
Sackur questioned the former settler council head on the issue of Palestinian rights in the West Bank, to which Dayan responded that the Palestinians “live in a reality that they created.”
“We have to find a modest solution that is good to everyone. We can keep trying to form two-states…Israel must take an active offensive to improve human rights for the Palestinians,” Dayan said.
“Every check point that is removed, rejoices me,” Dayan said. “But you are right that they do not have full political rights,” he admitted.
“I see the world as nationalist-centered. I respect the Palestinians’ aspirations. But I understand them better than a liberal in Tel Aviv or in London. This is why I fear them…their final aspiration is to return to all of Palestine.”

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