Fan Mail April 3, 2013

by crescentandcross



We here at TUT are often challenged over our assertions that we deal with an inordinate number of crazees in the movement who really should be locked up in a padded room for their own good, as well as others.  The more incredulous question whether we are exaggerating these instances or else making them up entirely for the sake of entertainment.

The email below is one of the more recent that we get on a regular basis. The individual in question is obviously a muslim hater and who took issue with my recent statement that KLA in Kosovo were armed, trained and funded by the US and Israel in the same way that the thugs of Al Qaeda, as well as the Syrian and Libyan rebels were contracted out to do what they did and that these groups were not indicative of what Islam teaches, namely–as he put it–cutting off the heads of Christians.

After politely telling him I had neither the time nor desire to continue on in a pointless debate with him about his Judaically-generated ‘evils of Islam’ theories, his response to me was as follows–

You are a liar you didn’t answer all my questions. This is proof that you are an unstable nut job. My advice to you is you should get a real job in order to raise your 9 children(that your always bragging about) properly and to set a good example to your kids.Get a job and stop being a parasitical leech (just like your Semitic cousins the Jews) always asking for donations in order to raise your family.

You should get a life and leave the truth telling to competent people. Your a 4 foot nothing inch sand nigger midget who suffers from a Napoleonic complex you should seek professional help from a shrink.


  1. Actually Sammi, I don’t think ‘Dennis’ is Mossad. I think he is a typical deluded westerner who believes everything his Jewish mainstream media tells him and nothing more.

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