Zelensky asked Nazi Bennett to organize talks with Russia

The media reported that Tel Aviv also asked Kyiv not to ask Israel for military supplies

By Jim W. Dean,

…from [email protected], a Russian news source

by  Oksana Nikolaeva

[ Editor’s Note: This came in late in the day. We will not know if it is real until tomorrow, based on how much coverage it gets. Their are mixed opinions as to whether delays in trying to make a settlement favors one side or the other.

From Zelensky’s perspective he wants NATO to intercede to save him, but Biden has ruled that out for now. On the minus side every day Zelensky loses more territory and more horrible revelations will be exposed to a world wide media despite the spin maching Zel has working for him.

So far the only people in the West to want to risk dying for the TV show puppet of a Russian oligarch have been paid mercenaries, or I should say they were told they would be paid. The nookie hotel group did not fair so well.

The stories of $1000 to $2000 a day to fight have shocked the people of Donbas that so much money would be paid for people to kill them for defending themselves from facist attacks.

History is going to review this mess with a hard cold eye, and the spin doctors will not rule as there are so many witnesses and videos of who did what to whom. We just have some more work to do to learn about the ‘why’ part.

Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

First published .. March 12, 2022

The President of Ukraine invited the Prime Minister of Israel to hold talks with Moscow in Jerusalem. Volodymyr Zelensky himself announced this, answering questions from foreign journalists. 

Zelensky announced his readiness for negotiations with Moscow and expressed the hope that the peace process would be put into practice. According to the Ukrainian head, at present, in negotiations with the Russian Federation, “they have begun to agree on something.”

The day before, Vladimir Putin, in a conversation with Macron and Scholz, called on France and Germany to influence Kyiv, including because of the numerous violations of international humanitarian law by the Kiev security forces.

On Saturday, the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported that Tel Aviv recommended that Zelensky accept all Russian proposals to end the military special operation of the Russian Armed Forces.

Citing sources close to the Israeli Prime Minister, the publication published an exact quote from Naftali Bennett’s statement to the President of Ukraine:

“If I were you, I would think about the lives of my people and accept the offer.”

According to sources of the publication, Zelensky’s answer was: “I heard you.” The Jerusalem Post also quoted an unnamed Ukrainian official as saying that Kyiv does not accept Moscow’s terms because it is convinced “Putin’s proposal is only the beginning.”

The media reported that Tel Aviv also asked Kyiv not to ask Israel for military supplies.

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